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Terrafins are huge ocean dragons found worldwide. They are known as sea phantoms, because their large size and docile nature are similar to phantoms.

Basic Information


The terrafin is famous for its huge wingspan, over 70 feet long. Their slender serpent like body is covered in blue scales, with a red dorsal stripe and green underbelly. Its face has a long snout, and two large horns that can create a loud, haunting sound. Their wings have blue triangular patterns on them. Their tail ends in a spike which contains a highly concentrated hydrofluoric acid. Their body is coated in a thin line of mucus.

Genetics and Reproduction

Terrafin eggs are large, bright blue, with scale markings on them. There are 6 scales on the egg, two dark blue, two turquoise, and two light blue.

Ecology and Habitats

Terrafins swim in the open oceans, because they need a lot of space to swim. Their size is very intimidating for most other dragons, so they are not bothered by anything. They nest in the shalllower waters, where ocean dragon's cannot reach.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Terrafins eat any fish they can capture. They use their wings to herd large shoals of fish into shallow waters, and they corner them off from the ocean. They then use their long tail to stab at the fish, the venom killing them. Once all the fish are dead, the terrafin then eats them all.


The fire of a terrafin is a deep red. It has a liquid consistency, and can slightly corrode things. They rarely spit the fire, but when they do they spit a lot, it can fill a large bucket of the fire in less than a minute.
Geographic Distribution

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