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Dwitches are fast running dragons found on a few islands in the north of Dracosei. They are one of the fewer light dragons, which are known to be very fast, powerful, and elusive.

Basic Information


Dwitches are roughly 16ft long, and 7 feet tall. They have a bright pink and purple blotched skin, with a long tail and long snout. It has a large crest with eye shaped patterns. These eye pattern can deter predators, it makes the dragon look a lot bigger than they are. Dwitches have a pair of short sails on their backs which allow for quicker running. The long thin tail ends in a barb, poisoned with a more dilute hydrofluoric acid, similar to Terrafins.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dwitch eggs are a bright purple, with a small crest on the front. Dwitches wrap the eggs in vines to keep them warm in their nests.

Ecology and Habitats


Dietary Needs and Habits

Their long snout means they can reach down far into holes in the ground. They hunt in large packs, and they will find the burrow of a small mammal or other creature. They use their snouts to block every entrance to the burrow, except one. This forces the creatures out, and all the dwitches then chase the prey and hunt them down.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As all light dragons can, dwitches can see the most probable future. This makes them very powerful, and able to avoid most circumstances, where they would have been in danger. This makes them a popular species for training, as their abilities can save many people's lives.


Dwitches breathe a burning purple fire. This fire is incredibly hot, one of the hottest of any known dragon species. The fire can travel over a hundred metres, and will burn most things in its path. As do most fires, they can burn the skin and flesh off of any person unfortunate enough to anger this creature.   The dragon gets its name from the association with the purple fire and witches.
Geographic Distribution

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