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Aurvads are the animals in the class Aurvada. Living aurvads comprise terrisiformes, varalaformes, alloformes and alloreformes. There are around five thousand discovered aurvad species on Jupiter, the only planet that this class of animals can be found.

Animals in the Aurvada class are characterised by a proboscis, found typically on their skulls but can be found elsewhere, warm blood, a five-chambered heart, and the laying of hard-shelled eggs.


The class splits up into four orders. These orders are vast and contain all species under the aurvada class.

Terrisiformes - Terries

Terrisiformes are the largest of the orders, containing seventeen families. Since rodents don't exist on Jupiter, terrisiformes fill in this niche. 53% of aurvad species are terrisiformes, or more commonly known as 'terries'.

They are characterised by their small size, lengthy tails and their burrowing instincts. The largest terry on the planet is the giant raspen mouse, reaching sixty centimetres in length in adults. Most are flightless; due to their size, they can survive on larger floating islands.

Like all aurvads, their skin is loose and stretchy, and lacks any kind of fur. Instead, a thin layer of heat and cold resistant wax lines their whole bodies. This helps them burrow as well.

Lesser Raspen Mouse by Mochi

Varalaformes - Varals

Varalaformes are the second largest order of aurvads, making up 23% of all species. They are characterised by their four-chambered stomachs, which enables them to ferment their food prior to digestion. Most of the livestock of Jupiter are from this order, such as ramstens, who's meat and wool are harvested. This order contains the only animals to produce wool; the only animals to produce wool grow it in few places, however.

Varalaformes have a long history with jovians, dating back to the latter's first appearance. Their often docile natures worked great for the jovians, as the larger animals provided labour.

Alloformes - Rays

Flattel Ray by Mochi

The second smallest order, alloformes make up 16% of all aurvad species. These animals are characterised by by their 'wing carpets', attached to their skeleton via muscles and tendons. They also lack any appendages aside from the occasional retractable antenna, as seen in the flattel ray.

While there are fewer species in this order, they are the second most abundant in terms of individuals.

Alloreformes - Aedants

The smallest of the four orders, alloreformes make up just 8% of all aurvad species. Alloreformes have a bad reputation, since most are carnivores and many are stigmatised within jovian communities. Particularly in rural communities who are more at risk of aedant attacks.

Aedants are characterised by their diets, mostly consisting of raw flesh. All are predators to some degree; many apex predators are under this order.

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Aurvadic Whale
Jovian Ray

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