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Neptunian Ice

Neptunian ice is a form of ice only found on the planet Neptune.


To the neptunians, neptunian ice wasn't really discovered. It has existed long before the neptunians arose, and so they have always been familiar with its existence. However, the existence of neptunian ice was a wonderful discovery to the jovians and the martians.

In fact, this material came in such good use that when the neptunians died out, the jovians and martians initiated a war over the right to the planet, just so this resource could belong to them.


Neptunian ice is a resource so common it controls the colour of the planet from space. The overpowering blues and purples of the ice dominate any other colour in the area, and when sunlight hits the right spot, the ice glows even brighter.
The ice has a rough texture when found naturally, similar to sandpaper, but when it has been melted and frozen again the texture is shockingly smooth.


Neptunian Ice has a few uses, some of which come in great handy. Because of its abundance, neptunian ice is used as a backup store of water on martian spaceships. A large store of neptunian ice is also kept in basements under every single martian city on Mars, in emergencies.
The various gases trapped within the larger chunks of ice on Neptune are incredibly valuable, such as ammonia and methane. These gases are utilised by the martians, and are made into fertilizers, cleaning products, explosives, and to create heating for houses.

Battle Of The Blue Flames

The Battle of the Blue Flames was an intense war between Jupiter and Mars to determine who would earn the legal right to Neptune and its resources, after the neptunian race died out. Mars reigned triumphant, and immediately began operations to harvest some of the planet's more common resources, such as neptunian ice and ichor. Jupiter has attempted several truces with Mars to obtain some of Neptune's resources, but every single time, Mars has declined and threatened conflict.
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