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Battle Of The Blue Flames

The Battle of the Blue Flames is the only war to have ever taken place on Neptune, a planet in the Kinosmo Solar System.

The Conflict


When Neptune's sapient species died out, the planet became available. By law, one planet cannot own another planet if there is an extant sapient species. Both Jupiter and Mars displayed interest in the planet, thanks to many rare natural resources on Neptune. Jupiter was the first to land on Neptune, and they started mining some of the resources. Mars was offended by this, and declared war, the winner would have full rights to the planet.


Battle of the Blue Flames

The Battle of the Blue Flames was named such due to a unique phenomena on Neptune that occurred during the fight- thermal spires producing giant blue flames erupted on the battlefield.

The battle was tough, the Martian were much smaller than the Jovian, and the jovians could easily overpower the martians. Lucky, martians had superior technology, and could easily wipe out the jovians- and this was exactly what happened. With just a few high-tech missiles, the majority of the jovian army was wiped out, leading to their surrender. Jovians believe the only reason Mars won is because their leader was exceptional with tactics, which led to them predicting how jovians would fight and could fight against it.


With Mars winning the battle, the planet had full rights to use Neptune however it pleased. Mars instantly started harvesting some of the most common resources, such as Ichor and Neptunian Ice.   Jupiter suffered with a much smaller army, damaging its reputation as this was only the second war they had lost, the first being over 500 Earth years prior.




Jupiter has a much larger army, double the size of Mars. This army is visibly much bigger than the Martian Army.
Mars displayed much more advanced technology, thanks to various rare metals underneath the surface of their planet.


Jupiter lost a significant amount of its army, due to incompetence.
Mars lost a small amount of its army, but ultimately won.


Both wanted to win the war, and winning meant the planet would have full control over Neptune and its resources. Neptune is a gold-mine, both literally and figuratively, as it possesses masses of valuable resources, including gold.


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