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Thunderus, God of Lightning

Thunderus is an Apalian deity, one of the Children of Aavar. Thunderus is the God of Lightning, encompassing all weather systems.

Personal History

Thunderus was created at the very beginning of the Yonderverse, 640 billion years ago. Thunderus was created just after Aavar, God of Gods was, after he felt lonely in a barren void that was the Yonderverse at the beginning of time. He set out to create four new deities, known as the Children of Aavar. These four children are Arala, God of Water, Qaran, God of the Earth, Asherin, God of Fire, and of course Thunderus, God of Lightning.

Thunderus was given a seat at the God's Table, where the five deities designed the entire Yonderverse over the course of centuries. Thunderus was tasked with designing every single climate and weather system on every single planet in the Yonderverse. These are incredibly important to the survival of all life.

All freak weather phenomena are blamed on by Thunderus. Recently, a devastating lightning storm destroyed many rural villages in the Glacier Isles on Cilvarth, and Apalins pointed towards a drunken Thunderus as to the cause. While Apalins do not curse at Thunderus for what she causes, they pray to her to fix the damages.

Family & Relationship


Thunderus has three biological sons; Ephae, God of Suns, Ahphae, God of Moons, and Tearan, God of Stars. These three deities are known as the Space Trio, and are widely recognised as some of the most powerful and significant deities in Apalian.

They too reside in the City Of The Gods along with Thunderus, however are not permitted to the God's Table.


As one of the original four Children of Aavar, Thunderus has three biological siblings: Arala, God of Water, Asherin, God of Fire and Qaran, God of the Earth. Mulhaia, God of Torture is Thunderus' half-brother, descendant of Aavar, God of Gods and Luphemis, God of Lust.



Thunderus has dark purple skin with electric blue and yellow stripes along her arms and legs. Her light pink hair is always tied up in space buns, which give off a faint yellow glow. She has four arms and two legs, each with floating golden rings around them. Thunderus constantly has a faint grey cloud surrounding her, that mildly electrocutes anyone that gets close.

In Thunderus' astral form, accessed only by the most powerful of deities, the faint grey cloud transforms into a thunderstorm circling her. Her space buns glow brighter and produce electricity flowing out of them like tentacles.


The most arrogant of the Children of Aavar, Thunderus is often overconfident. She tends to use her powers when she doesn't, and often electrocutes other deities in the City Of The Gods. Because of her infamous attitude, worshippers of Thunderus dare not to criticise her, only pray that she makes their lives easier with her weather-shifting powers.

Table of Contents
Divine Classification
640 billion years
Circumstances of Birth
Created by Aavar, God of Gods
Neon blue
Light pink space buns
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark purple, electric blue and yellow stripes
5'6 (Normal Form)
100 metres (Astral Form)

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