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God's Table

The God's Table is a supposed fictional location somewhere in space, where all the Gods are seated. This table is mentioned in many mythologies, most commonly in Sarran mythology.   The table is described as being carved out of the biggest and oldest tree in the Yonderverse, and it is adorned with every single gemstone and crystal there is. Beautiful markings are carved into the sides and legs of the table.  

New Additions

Whenever a new God appears, the table is said to magically expand to fit this new God. A giant chair is formed out of atoms, and the chair is suited perfectly for the God, and only that God can sit in it. Floria was made a God in 1290, and according to lore, the chair is covered in flowering vines that only grow for the Gods.  


According to Sarran mythology, the God's Table was built by none other than Aavar, God of Gods. Aavar, being the only person existing at the time, wanted to socialize so he made this table and some other Gods, to converse with. The table took a whole day to build, and another day to fill the table with delicious foods. These foods were things you couldn't imagine, things you've never tasted, foods beyond imagination, only accessed by Gods.   Next up for Aavar was creating the Gods. He first made Asherin, God of Fire. Next up was Arala, God of Water. Then, Thunderus, God of Lightning. Finally, Qaran, God of the Earth. They each got a fifth of the table while Aavar sat at the throne end, and a large chair designed specifically for them.    Asherins was forged from a burning metal, and magma constantly flowed down the chair. Aralas was constructed of indestructible coral, and fish would swim around them. Thunderus' was made of stormclouds, that constantly flashed bright lights like lightning. Qaran's was made of mountains, and it snowed on top.   Aavar's throne was constructed of the highest quality materials, pink star diamonds, pure gold, and other crystals and gemstones. Aavar sat at one end of the table all by himself, to show dominance over the other Gods.

Gods at the table

Aavar, God of Gods
Neoyar, God of Suns
Asherin, God of Fire
Qaran, God of the Earth
Thunderus, God of Lightning
Arala, God of Water
Floria, God of Plants
Erujiya, God of Mischief
Derela, God of Snow
Magera, God of Magic
Caralabala, God of Crab
Bel, God of Oceans


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