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Mulhaia, God of Torture

A deity that commonly appears in various religions on Cilvarth and Greenerth, the God of Torture is a famous evil monster. Commonly portrayed as a tall, red skinned male, the God of Torture is best known by the name "Mulhaia", Cikirin for "Horrific". Many mythologies describe Mulhaia as a horrific entity that only seeks pain and torture of everybody around him.

Personal History

Most religions disagree on Mulhaia's birth date and overall age, but every single religion describes the circumstances of his birth similarly. Mulhaia's father, Aavar, God of Gods, mistakenly gave birth to a monster. It was prophecised that Aavar would give birth to the greatest man in existence, but upon giving birth, Aavar screamed and threw his baby away.

The baby, left on his own, spent thirty years running away through the Yonderverse to an isolated planet where he would call home. This planet, a place of death and lava, became the only thing he cared about.

As Mulhaia grew up, he began resenting his father and everybody in existence, as he believed nobody could love or even care about him. He began plotting his revenge, but he knew in his current state he was not powerful enough to take down the literal God of Gods. Luckily, he had all the time in the world to train.

Many religions describe how he trains differently. Some say he leaves his planet and searches for powerful monsters to kill and absorb the energy from, gradually increasing his strength, while some say he digs his way into the core of the planet and drinks the entire core, which gives him unfathomable strength.

Mulhaia gained access to his astral form when he was about ten thousand years old. An astral form is a special form that only the strongest of deities have access to. This astral form is projected from the deity's body, is much larger than the deity's regular body, and is much more powerful, with the ability to wipe out much of the Yonderverse fairly easily.

Now that Mulhaia believed he was strong enough to kill his father, he went on a rampage across the Yonderverse in search of finding him, killing anything that got in his way. This included entire planets that he crushed with just a thought. When he found his father in the depths of the Wandering Forest, in the City Of The Gods, he screamed for him. The scream got his attention, as well as rattling through the whole Yonderverse.

Unfortunately for Mulhaia, Aavar had predicted this event since his birth, and before Mulhaia could reach him, he sent his son to the Endless Tower on Hell, the planet Mulhaia called home as a child, to be locked away for eternity. It is believed Mulhaia still resides here, sat on a throne that could strip away his powers as soon as he left it.

Family & Relationships


As the son of Luphemis, God of Lust, it's no surprise that Mulhaia had strong desires too. Various religions don't explicitly state when he had children, but most say he had multiple, with very different people. Apalian describes Mulhaia giving birth to a six-legged dog with a dragon tail, a concerningly tall cilvarthian, and several bird-people.

Mulhaia is aware he has children, but has no desire to find them, meet them, or have any kind of relationship with them. These children have been left as outcasts wherever they live, thanks to their monstrous appearances. Many of these children are only mentioned once in different religions, described as the hideous offspring of the God of Torture, their entire existence being torturous.


In Apalian, Mulhaia has four half-siblings: Asherin, God of Fire, Arala, God of Water, Qaran, God of the Earth, and Thunderus, God of Lightning. His four siblings live in the City of Gods alongside Aavar and serve him and his needs, have received a seat at the God's Table, and are some of the oldest beings in the Yonderverse, all while Mulhaia was cast out at birth. This fuels Mulhaia's hatred for everyone, and wishes his siblings the most horrific deaths imaginable, as he is envious of the life he never got to live.



Mulhaia's regular form is 7 feet tall, fairly tall for a deity's regular form. His regular form is slim, with long arms and long legs. His skin is a bright red, darker on his back and lighter on his stomach. His hair is long and black, most often braided, reaching just past his shoulders.

Aside from size, Mulhaia's astral form is not much different. His astral form is 20 metres tall, which again, is tall for a deity. His hair is much longer, fading into a deep red/purple. Small spikes stick out from his back in his astral form, which shoot out in anger.


Mulhaia is completely apathetic. Showing no positive emotions and certainly no care for other people results in a lack of close relationships with anybody, and is generally a very lonely person. He is also a sadist, enjoying torturing people and animals.

He is described to have a very short temper, and is almost always angry. Many of the workers on Hell believe the earthquakes that take place to be Mulhaia's temper tantrums.


Hell's Overlords

Depsite the name, Hell's Overlords is a very secret organisation. The members of Hell's Overlords are all radicalised workers under Karkhala Industries that discovered the myths and legends surrounding Mulhaia, who supposedly lives on the same planet. The members of the cult believe that Mulhaia should be set free to destroy the Yonderverse and seek revenge on his father, for they believe he has done nothing wrong whilst his father has.
Circumstances of Birth
Mistakenly birthed by Aavar, God of Gods
Dark red
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bright red skin
7 foot (Normal Form)
20 metres (Astral Form)
Religions Mentioned In
Iteyar (Sarran Mythology)

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