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Arala, God of Water

Arala is an Apalian deity, one of the four Children of Aavar. Arala is the deity of water, encompassing all natural bodies of water.

Personal History

Arala was created at the very beginning of the Yonderverse, 640 billion years ago. He was created just after Aavar, God of Gods was, after he felt lonely in a barren void that was the Yonderverse at the beginning of time. He set out to create four new deities, known as the Children of Aavar. These four children are Asherin, God of Fire, Thunderus, God of Lightning, Qaran, God of the Earth, and of course Arala, God of Water.

Arala was then given a seat at the God's Table, where the five deities designed the entire Yonderverse over the course of centuries. Arala was tasked with designing the oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers, everything to do with water. Water is the key to life in the Yonderverse, and nothing can survive without it.

Throughout Arala's life he has been responsible for many mishaps while under the influence of alcohol. Four thousand years ago a tsunami swept through the Silver Desert on Cilvarth and wiped out many fauna and flora, as well as drastically altering the climate and atmosphere. Many believe this was caused by a drunken Arala.

Family & Relationships


Arala has four children, all of which are demi-gods. His children are found on three different planets; twins Ereie and Lian on Laosina, Miki on Greenerth and Maremno on Scovili. These four children have all attempted to contact Arala, to no avail. Since they are demi-gods they do have powers of manipulating water, something Ereie and Lian have mastered.


As one of the original four Children of Aavar, Arala has three biological siblings: Thunderus, Asherin and Qaran, God of the Earth. Mulhaia, God of Torture is Arala's half-brother, descendant of Aavar, God of Gods and Luphemis, God of Lust.



Arala's regular form is 6'6, fairly tall for a deity's regular form. His regular form is fairly slim, with very long arms and legs. Small fins stick out the back of his arms, while small spines stick out of his ankle. Arala's face is smooth and round, with small yellow eyes. His hair is very long, light blue, and is almost always braided.

His astral form, accessed by only the most powerful of deities, is a hundred metres tall, typical for the Children of Aavar. While not much changes in Arala's astral form, his fins grow longer and sharper, while his hair becomes darker blue with yellow tips.


Relaxed by natura, Arala is not one to be offended. In fact, in all of his 640 billion year existence he has only been offended once - and it was when a golden fox from Laosina refused to listen to his orders. Apparently those sly little animals don't understand the power of a deity.

Many worship Arala for his personality, wishing they too would be more relaxed. Many people believe that worshipping Arala will relax one's mind. He is also known for his positive attitude towards everything; turns out being born as one of the most powerful deities is an ego-boost.

Divine Classification
640 billion years
Circumstances of Birth
Created by Aavar, God of Gods
Light yellow
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light blue skin
6'6 (Normal Form)
100 metres (Astral Form)

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