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Asherin, God of Fire

Asherin is an Apalian deity, one of the four Children of Aavar. Asherin is the God of Fire, encompassing fire, heat, and energy, among others.

Personal History

Asherin was created at the very beginning of the Yonderverse, 640 billion years ago. Asherin was created just after Aavar, God of Gods was, after he felt lonely in a barren void that was the Yonderverse at the beginning of time. He set out to create four new deities, known as the Children of Aavar. These four children are Arala, God of Water, Thunderus, God of Lightning, Qaran, God of the Earth, and of course Asherin, God of Fire.

Asherin was given a seat at the God's Table, where the five deities designed the entire Yonderverse over the course of centuries. Asherin was tasked with designing the cores of planets, volcanoes, lava, fire, heat, stars, everything to do with heat and fire. Most creatures need some amount of warmth to survive.

Surprisingly, Asherin has been responsible for the least number of drunken mishaps in Apalian mythology. Four million years ago in the Autumn Isles of Cilvarth, a large volcano erupted, causing a small extinction-level event in the area. Legends say that a drunken Asherin had climbed into the core of the planet, fell into a deep sleep, and this was her waking up and leaving the planet.

Family & Relationships


Unlike the other Children of Aavar, Asherin has no children. Instead, she spends her time on various planets tending to her menagerie of weird and wonderful animal species. According to mythology, Asherin has ranches located on various Hell-like planets throughout the Yonderverse.


As one of the original four Children of Aavar, Asherin has three biological siblings: Thunderus, God of Lightning, Arala, God of Water and Qaran, God of the Earth. Mulhaia, God of Torture is Asherin's half-brother, descendant of Aavar, God of Gods and Luphemis, God of Lust.



Asherin is the shorted of the Children of Aavar. She has short black hair, slightly greasy. She has dark grey skin, and she bleeds ichor that looks eerily similar to lava. Her hair is weaved together with bright red vines, while two golden horns stick out from her forehead, just above her eyes. She has a short black tail, ending in a red tip. Her tail can light on fire out of will, and the tail can extend infinitely.

In her astral form, only accessed by the most powerful deities, her hair grows longer and forms a halo above her head. This halo is lit on fire, and cannot be put out while she is in the astral form. Her skin becomes darker and her eyes glow brighter.


Asherin is generally quite calm, however when angry she explodes, literally. She is known to have a short fuse despite being calm most of the time. Asherin has a soft spot for animals, and in her 640 billion year life has never once gotten angry at them. This is completely different for cilvarthians however; in many legends Asherin has taken out her angry on the people of Cilvarth.

Divine Classification
640 billion years
Circumstances of Birth
Created by Aavar, God of Gods
Black eyes
Short, black, greasy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark grey skin with red stripes
5'4 (Normal Form)
100 metres (Astral Form)

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