In Search of Vach

A research paper by Vacamil Chekoy centering on the artifact Vach and the peoples most associated with its existence.


This paper written by Vacamil Chekoy recounts historical tales, some true, some not, as an in depth study of the artifact. Including study of the Brachlov peoples long attributed as the holders or at least the m,ost closely associated with its use ans powers.

Historical Details


This research paper was fundamental factor in further study of Vach and the Brachlov people. Many derivative works, by Vacamil and his students, are housed at the Ildioewa University Libraries, and while considered to provide more in depth study of these topics, the lost/missing original base document has created a hole in teh research and prevents much advancement of it.

Public Reaction

Vacamil's doctoral research was successfully defended leading to his eventual tenure as a leading professor at Ildiowa University. This publication also serves as an introduction to Vacamil's career spanning academic focus.


The document itself is considered lost, many references by Vacamil and his students in other works, which are readily available, confirm the existence and content of this publication at some time. While there is little dispute to its existence, recovery of the document is thought to provide additional insight as to the location or dispostion of the lost artifact Vach itself which are not been revealed or covered in other works on the subject. No evidence exists that the document was destroyed to prevent redicovery of Vach, though there are some academics who believe this story and do not support continued teaching or expeditions to find it.


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