Vach is a precious stone and historical artifact associated with the Brachlov peoples.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Vach has no actual magical or mystical properties, except those conveyed by the Brachlov people and their faith. It's blue-green hue exposed on one side, thought to penetrate to the unexposed edges ecompletely.


Vach has been mentioned in the various writings of Vacamil Chekoy attempting to document and detail its discovery and importance to the Brachlov peoples. It was a protected artifact over which many brutal and bloody wars were fought, priimarily with the nomadic raiders called the Pruvids. Vach hasn't been seen for over 300 hundred years and presumed to have been stolen and placed in some private collection in a far away land. Vach remains the subject of many tales and fables, ranging from the rambling dreams of gemology students traders and jewelers reporting sightings of the stone. Reported sightings have been investigated and proven false or even found to be the foundation of criminal operations attempting to pass of inferior or fake stones to the gullible.


The Brachlov people believed the stone to be their greatesst assset not becasue of its value as a precious stone, but due to the belief that it brought good luck and prosperity.
Vach is unique and if it is as large as described in various texts, would be among the top 10 largest uncut emeralds ever documented. Due to its size, a stone like Vach has more value remaining uncut. Gemcutters recognize that a stone would only serve to decrease its value by more in depth study and proposed cut designs to maximize its value as an adornment to jewelry.
Thought to be over 3000 carats in its uncut state. A verified weight has never been documented.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Vach has been described as a large uncut Emerald.


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