Vacamil Chekoy

Phd., Professor

Vacamil Chekoy was a Professor of History and Archaeology at Ildioewa University. His area of interests included the history and culture of the Brachlov peoples, and the creation, ownership, associations with an artifact called Vach attributed to the them.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While having been described as having a typical academic physique in appearance, Vacamil worked hard to maintain a hardy constitution to allow him to accompany expeditions well past his 60th birthday.

Mental characteristics


Vacamil Chekoy achieved all of his academic credentials through study and research performed at Ildioewa University.


Vacamil Chekoy spent his whole career pursuing his research and teaching at Ildioewa University.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He is best known for his research on the Brachlov peoples and its culture that centered upon their reverence and protection of Vach. He documented his research in many papers and books which has inspired a small handful of students to perpetuate that work. His original paper In Search of Vach, now considered lost, is the preeminent work and scholars still hope to rediscover it.

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite his research and numerous expeditions, he never found Vach. Few scholars dispute its existence, but the continuing lack of verification over the years has diminished contemporary archealogical interest.

Personality Characteristics


Some of his peers believed Vacamil's research was motivated by his greed for the rediscovery of Vach, and not focused enough on the Brachlov culture. This does not appear to be supported through his various writings and teachings.


Social Aptitude

Vacamil was an enthusiastic and captivating lecturer, passing on his enthusiam for the Brachlov peoples and in particular Vach. While most of his peers did not share that interest and enthusiasm in Vacha nd the Brachlov's, Vacamil worked hard to support those peers in their topical interests, often able to participate in deep conversations on those topics.


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