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Akanni Okoro's journal

Akanni kept a journal about his travels when he searched for a place to build a small community for his family. The journal helped him to record the information about the locations he encountered and compare their characteristic to pick the best place.

He continued recording what happened in his journey with his family and other people to Nyckaneh. It allowed him to think more clearly about the group's needs and mood and plan what he could to make the trip easier. This method was very useful in several moments when difficulties arose.

Akanni maintained the habit throughout his life. His record included text, photos, drawings and even videos or audios. Sometimes he shared an entry with his wife, his sons or a close friend. After he passed, Mayowa, his widow, took over the journal and kept writing and recording her daily life. She addressed all her entries to her late husband. It was her way to keep his memory close to her heart.

Now the journal is one of the most precious possessions of The Okoro family. Its protection is considered a duty and honour.
by Julian Ralid
Digital Recording, Various

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