Tānlang Document

The Tānlang Documents are a set of documents discovered by Tāyas āng Harig while exploring one of the few structurally intact buildings in Bādaw, a ruined city in the Mitlac Realmhusk, which is situated near the Rasp.   They are named after the principal document in the collection, a leatherbound book of brittle paper with faded lettering across the cover that spells out "Tānlang" in the Sutsumāk script. Though a nonsensical word and likely not the original meaning of the lettering, the name nevertheless stuck as a useful shorthand to describe the collection of documents.


The purpose of the Tānlang Documents is not known for certain. The collection is comprised of the primary document, which is believed to be a journal of sorts, along with some scraps of paper notes and faded images fixed upon glossy squares of paper. They are believed to be a chronicle of the life of the subject of the notes.   Even though the substantial amount of script in the journal is indecipherable for the time being, there are a few pieces of evidence that point to the notebook being a journal. Of particular note is a set of characters written above the first rule of a page at the beginning of a new entry. This is believed to represent a date mark, though without knowledge of the workings of the Bādawya calendar system, the precise nature of the characters is inconsequential. Furthermore, affixed to the pages for certain entries are images, most with the common subject of what appears to be a young human woman.   Though it may take some time to discern the true story behind the images, they seem to record the state of the world before and after the cataclysm that led to the abandonment of Bādaw. Most chilling, perhaps, is a set of images found stuffed in the a pocket in the back cover of the journal. Each one was taken in front of a mirror. Each one has in the frame the young woman as well as a device in her hands that is speculated to be the object responsible for capturing the images and fixing them on a tangible medium.   These images show the young woman in increasing distress as her reflection in the mirror grows progressively more transparent. In the final image, her existence seems so tenuous that the fading of the image has made it incredibly difficult to make out her silhouette.
Journal, Personal


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