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Map of Blass Overa Booth

Treasure maps are nothing new, and this one made by the explorer Blass is certainly of interest to many. It references the discovery of the lost city of Lurr by Blass and his team. This discovery was about three hundred years ago and the city was lost again due to the sandstorms and Blass's team refusing to divulge its location except in this cryptic map found after his death.     Blass asserted that the magical springs of Lurr were able to cure one of his team's Shimerscale, and that the city's riches are largely untouched. Indeed his team was known for their wealth before the deaths. Most of their deaths were premature, though it is hard to know if this was a curse of just bad luck and bad behavior. Blass himself lived to an old age with very inconsistent tales of his discoveries.   The fantastic tales of Blass include his encounter with The Reflection Beast, a sphinx of the Blue Cats, and a city manufactured by the Sand Liot  The map is currently the obsession of Ansas the Dark, and is being searched for by agents of The Grasping Vine. The map is difficult to use as the starting point of the directions is unknown, and is is rumored to lead deep into the sand dunes of the desert. Ansas is hiring would be explorers to expand the search.

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Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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