The Voyages of Eralde Missenaire

The travelogue known as 'The Voyages of Eralde Missenaire' is one of the most famous documents known amongst explorers, and every new volume is awaited with great excitement by professional adventurers and the general public alike. Eralde Missenaire keeps a detailed journal of her travels, recording everything from the weather conditions to the scenery and the people, as well as discoveries she makes and monsters she encounters. As she fills each journal it is sent off to her publisher in Bajapur where it is published as a new volume in the continuing series of The Voyages of Eralde Missenaire. Adventuring societies all over the Sundered Lands have standing orders for multiple copies of each new volume as it is released.   Starting life as a mercenary fighter, Eralde learned the bardic arts from a lover while they travelled together on campaign. She put her new-found skills to good use in keeping a journal of her travels while employed by the mercenary company where she learned her trade as a warrior.   When Eralde decided to end her contract with her unit after almost a decade as a professional fighter, she was accompanied by two close friends she had been fighting beside for years; Joffan, a slim archer noted for his talent with rapier and longbow, and his artistic ability; and Carimelda, a short, dusky-skinned woman who preferred to fight in plate mail and was a virtuoso with a blade. The trio travelled together to satisfy Eralde's wanderlust, taking odd mercenary jobs when needed to gather coin.   Eventually they passed through Bajapur, largest city in the world, where Eralde noticed the offices of a fledgling publishing company. Needing to pay for their accommodation, she decided to see if the publisher was interested in her journals. Although the publisher was hesitant at first upon seeing this tall, travel-stained woman in fighting leathers in his office, he agreed to read her first journal to avoid angering her. He was surprised at the flowing, conversational style which was both informal and informative, as well as the high-quality drawings which were spotted throughout the work, and soon decided to take a risk on a small print run.   After Eralde had tidied up the first journal to prepare it for publication, the publishing house ran off a small print run. Copies were sent to several prominent adventuring societies which had offices in Bajapur, as well as to the Moguls leading the Great Houses which control Bajapur, as well as the Great Tycoon, ruler of the city. To their surprise, the first volume was an immense hit as word spread of the quality of the writing. Two subsequent print runs sold out despite being larger each time, and the publisher hastily arranged to print the other journals in Eralde's collection as further volumes.   The next volumes were staggered a little to maintain their popularity while allowing Eralde to gain further material, and the series has published many volumes and is widely known, even if the limitations on printing copies have made it still somewhat rare. Adventuring societies throughout the Sundered Lands have standing orders for multiple copies every time a new volume is released, as Eralde persists in finding new locations, new monsters, and new plant species wherever she goes.


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