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The Autagavaia List

The Autagavaia List is a collection of some 23 systems, consisting of several dozen habitats, stations, inhabited worlds and moons, that were discovered during a brief period by the noted astronomer and explorer, Emere Autagavaia. They were instigated into the Northup Alliance as a bloc of member systems, on the same day, and given their collective title as a mark of respect to Emere.   The most notable of the systems is offically known as Muud Sector 4982, but goes by the local name of Fortilla. It has a beautiful terran-like world called Watchtree, and in a binary orbit, a shellworld called Pioris. Whilst Watchtree has barely 1.7 billion spread across its surface, Pioris is a hive planet of some 8.2 trillion.


The Northup Alliance sees the gathering of previously independent systems into its fold as have two purposes; firstly to ensure the growth of the Alliance as a counter to the Federation of Xah, and second to ensure systems retain their native freedoms and are not forcibly annexed and altered to fit the Federation's extreme ideology.   By bringing 23 systems in one big group into the Allianace, it acted as a propaganda coup of the highest order, especially as they have Emere Autagavaia in common, furthering the Alliance's stature as a peaceful defensive pact against Xahian aggression.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The announcement of the List was accompanied by Alliance-wide celebrations; this many systems joining at once had not been seen in many years, and politicians felt it was important to highlight the voluntary nature of their joining. For most citizens, the event was largely ignored; the Alliance was a large place, and most were only vaguely aware of its presence, so its growth was of little concern.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Digital Recording, Various
Ratification Date
Signatories (Organizations)

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