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Emere Autagavaia

Dr. Emere Autagavaia

A skilled and highly talented astronomer, Emere is one of the Northup Alliance's most prominent individuals of the last thirty years.   Emere is a member of the nomadic Tagata Malaga people, who have made their homes on the massive Phase class FourDrive vessels, largely operated by the military of the Northup Alliance. Whilst most Tagata Malaga are content to remain on their home vessels, or occasionally switch vessels, Emere felt a wanderlust stronger than most and left her home culture to embark in an academic career in astronomy that led her to becoming the Alliance's most prominent member of the Discovery and Exploration Agency (DEA), a governmental agency that discovers and explores star systems.   The DEA's main objective is to visit systems before the Federation of Xah, and if the system is inhabitated, encourage them to join the Alliance for protection. Along with her outstanding astronomical skills, identifying inhabited systems quickly, Emere displays a strong diplomatic talent, and has been instrumental in bringing over two dozen new systems into the Alliance's fold.

Mental characteristics


Emere received only basic education during her upbringing on the Phase class carrier 'Fortune of the Brave' but showed a strong aptitude for learning, with maths and physics in particular. When she left the ship, she enrolled at a university that offered scholarships for members of the Tagata Malaga, graduating with top marks and picking up a doctorate as well.   After joining the DEA, she has expanded her education to include degrees and doctorates in sociology, diplomacy and psychology, all to better help with the negotiations with newly discovered human colonies.


Emere currently works for the Discovery and Exploration Agency, and has done for the previous thirty five years. Over that time, she has progressed from a simple astronomer, analysing signals from remote sources, to a lead Explorer and her own Phase class vessel, the 'Nafanua'.

Accomplishments & Achievements

As one of the DEA's lead explorers, Emere has been directly responsible for the re-discovery over over 300 star systems, and the integration of 23 of them into the Northup Alliance, a previously unheard of number.
Year of Birth
10015 XC 48 Years old
Dark brown
178 cm
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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