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First letter of Seleucus Martext's diary

My name is Seleucus Martext, and I'm a Galaxy Trooper of the Pathfinder Corps. I'm stationed here, on Tacillia, but I'm not sure I can leave this place ever.
Tacillia was found 23 years ago by the Seeker Corps. The initial contact and the long but thorough study found that Tacillia was a suitable planet to include in the Treeverse. The analysis found several intelligent life forms and a potential threat from outside Tacillia, but the gains outweighed the risks, and the comity gave the green light.
The nullbreeds were sent with the necessary equipment. When they arrived in the vicinity of Tacillia, I was selected to be the first on the sphere. During the last few years, while Tacillia was integrated into the Treeverse, I've learned all the information the Seeker Corps gathered. The wait was almost unbearable, but finally, I stepped onto Tacillia.
The first years went without any problem. More and more people, and while the nullbreeds built the necessary building, we made a little community. With the help of the Seeker, we identified three other spheres. We sent the nullbreeds to those places and connected them to the Treeverse. During the same time, we Pathfinders traveled to wondrous places on Tacillia and established smaller waypoints. It was beautiful to see our Hopping tree grow. Unfortunately, this peace didn't last long.
Back home, the Stargazers realized that the entity, the Tacillians called Absence, was heading towards us. And another being from the other direction was also making its way to Tacillia. The Stargazers concluded that the sphere was doomed, and we had to forsake everything we had built. But this wasn't an easy task. The other three spheres we found were vital for our expansion. We had to keep them in the Treeverse even if we lost Tacillia. Plus, it took a lot of time to dismantle everything on the Tacillian waypoints. In the end, we ran out of time.
I don't know what happened. I was in our hub, ready to leave when the connection to everything stopped working. Whatever I tried, it was in vain. There was nothing left to do. Just wait for the end. Which surprisingly didn't come. Oh yes, Absence and the other entity arrived, and they almost tore Tacillia apart. But something stopped them. When I checked what happened, I saw a completely different Tacillia around me. And this gave me a new goal. I don't know if I will ever say goodbye to Tacillia. I'll explore it and write my journals for the other Pathfinders if anybody comes. I'll leave this letter here in our hub, hoping that someone, someday, will find this place and all its wonders.
My first letter of a beautiful life. But now I have to say goodbye to it.
— Seleucus Martext


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