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Flor Tabbard's Journal

Who is Flor Tabbard?

Flor Tabbard is one of the most well-known Retriever and Explorer of recent times. Hailing from modest beginning in the Blacport district, Flor ended leading a very successful Retriever crew by the age of 25. 

Flor started life as a diver and is still known at the mature age of 45 to dive regularly in Lake Onix's dangerous waters.
After paying for her own education, aged 19, Flor joined the famous team of Retrievers, the Blackport Rovers. After enjoying the freedom of a Retriever's live, Flor became dissatisfied with the poor payouts after many dangerous missions into the Wastes.
Using her mother's business connections as well as those of her mentor's, she met a young halfling mage by the name of Goldie Drinkfoot. Together, the two young women set out their own crew, and found success, fame and riches after daring and extremely dangerous expeditions in the City's northern Wastes, known as the Desolation Belt.

However, 10 years ago, after an ill-fated mission to the furthest reaches of Never Road and the Belt, Goldie lost her life. 
Flor came back broken from the expedition, disbanded her crew, and is now dedicating her life to grow her mother's business within the City.

Flor's Journal

Flor is well known to have kept very detailed records and maps of her expeditions into the Wastes: a rare and precious document.
Most Retrievers, coming from the poorest districts in the City are often illiterate and crews do not concern themselves with records of what they see around them, only interested in the glint of metal or pieces of wood they can scrape from the charred lands.

Flor discovered an interest in history when she attended the small school on Black Lake Road and further deepened her passion at the feet of her tutor and mentor, the ancient and learned elf, Luthien Mandator.
Luthien instilled in Flor a profound knowledge of the world which sparked her interest in the remains of the ancient world of the Wastes.

Flor had many conversations with Luthien and his trusted friends about the nature of the Dome and the fate of its Ancient Cities.
Discussions also veered towards the taboo and secretive subjects of the possible exits out of the Dome and where they may lie.

Luthien was also very keen to examine the artefacts or tablets, Flor for many years brought back to the school for him to study.
Luthien also encouraged Flor from the start to keep a record of where the artefacts and writings were found and even helped Flor with mapping skills so she could recreate the different routes and dangers the crew took on each of their expeditions.

Such a journal would be a godsend to any explorer or Retriever team setting out into the Wastes, but up to now, Flor keeps her journal close to her chest and no one, even any of her close friends, has seen it out in the open in quite a few years.

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