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Charting Lanfe

Charting Lanfe is the published named of the personal journal of Sawari "Seeker" Idan. It documents Seeker's travels all across Lanfe, from the surface to The Depths. It has details on settlements he visited, various geographic locations across Lanfe, people that he encountered on his travels, and even discoveries he made. What is most curious about the journal is that it contains details of locations that are considered dangerous and even deadly for even the most powerful Purgers, and yet somehow Seeker lived through them. Some of his discoveries are still in use today and/or being studied further. Whether or not there are more secrets to uncover from the text within Charting Lanfe only time will tell.


This document was the personal journal of Sawari "Seeker" Idan that he wrote on his journey across Lanfe. He wanted to explore Lanfe and find the beauty in a world of suffering and pain and was intended to be a keepsake for himself. However, his intentions were not honored for as soon as a scholar got their hands on the journal they determined its historical and scientific importance for themselves and decided to publish it and distribute it among other scholars. It is one of the founding documents for the F.E.A.R. Institute and is still be studied too this day.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Charting Lanfe is publicly accessible to those that know how to obtain it and read it. Whether or not pages of it are missing is something that some scholars posit often. There are heavily commented versions of the document that float around scholarly circles but those are usually kept secret.

Journal, Personal

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