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Lanfe (Lan-Fay)

During the climax of the Planar Convergence when the World Serpent fell and shattered the original land mass known as Pangea, much of the known world was lost to drift away in the great ocean and be forever altered by the multitude of planes of existence that incurred upon the material plane. One such land mass, whose original name is lost to space and time, is Lanfe.

Transformed by the many layers of Hell and the Abyss, Lanfe is literally hell on earth. Fiends of all kinds, armies of devils, and hordes of demons roam and rule the land. Humanoids struggle to survive in this hellish landscape as most are enslaved and/or overworked, and the land itself is brutally unforgiving.

Lanfe is a large continent cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded on all sides by seemingly endless ocean and devoid of any form of divine protection or influence, there are rivers of hellfire, volcanoes that erupt and spew blood and gore, heat waves that can burn people alive, and souls of the damned can be heard and sometimes seen begging for their torment to end. Void storms rage across the land ushering in a multitude of dangerous weather effects that can affect all denizens for the worse and rarely for the better.

The sun that sits high above Lanfe is the same sun that rises and sets everywhere in the world. However, for Lanfe there is an unknown magnifying effect that causes the sun to beam brighter and hotter, and its effects last much longer throughout the day. When the sun finally sets, the darkness that engulfs Lanfe is cold, uncaring, and deadly. The darkness makes Lanfe feel as though it has been transported directly into nothingness.

There are many secrets in Lanfe buried in the sands of the deserts, at the peaks of devilish mountain ranges, in the dark, dank caves, at the bottom of murky lakes, and within the hearts and minds of those that inhabit it.

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2 Jul, 2022 03:07

Wow, the descriptions here are really good! Made me shiver just thinking about it.

2 Jul, 2022 03:24

I second this comment!!

--SC 2022's "Lost or Discovered Monument" JUDGE--
2 Jul, 2022 11:15

Wow, thank you both so much! I truly appreciate it!

2 Jul, 2022 03:17

Great descriptions! I certainly wouldn't want to live there.   Here's a tip: try and break up the first paragraph into a few paragraphs instead of letting it look like a giant wall of text. Otherwise, great article and I can't wait to read more!

Feel free to check out my WIP novel, His Mate!
2 Jul, 2022 11:16

thank you! and great tip! I will go through and make some edits, I need to figure out how to do some fancy page stuff.

Juan Belío
2 Jul, 2022 09:16

Yeah, it really is hell on earth, really good job on the article! I'd love to read more of what dwells within, as devils are one of my favourite fantasy themes.

2 Jul, 2022 11:17

this makes me happy! my plan is for the rest of the prompts to all tie into Lanfe so stay tuned! It is hell on earth but a little fun (at least I think so) is on the way.