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Jokan (Joe-Khan)

Jokan (aka Dragonkin) are the progeny of true dragons, they were created during the Age of Miracles to grant the dragons a foothold on Ostyria since their numbers were greatly diminished. Jokan come in all shapes and colors closely resembling their dragon creators and have an innate knack for the arcane that is closely linked to their connection to the dragons. Jokan have spread to many different locales in Ostyria since the Planar Convergence adapting to various cultures and establishing their own, but the largest concentration of Jokan reside in Kuu'land on the continent of Duankh.

Basic Information


The Jokan are bipedal humanoids that look like dragons, except they do not have wings though some have tails. They span the spectrum of body sizes, some are more muscular while others are lean. They have scales that adorn their full body and strongly match the color and hue of their dragon ancestors. Each Jokan has an elemental affinity that is directly related to the lineage of dragons that they come from and are able to exhale an elemental breath that matches.

Genetics and Reproduction

Jokan reproduce similarly to most other humanoid species and do not lay eggs like their dragon ancestors.

Growth Rate & Stages

Jokan grow pretty quickly into adulthood, if they have a tail it can grow at any stage of life. Their breath sacks which allow them to exhale elemental breath, continues to grow and never truly stops. Akin to a true dragon getting more powerful with age, a Jokan's elemental breath also gains strength over time.

Ecology and Habitats

The optimal environment for a given Jokan depends on their elemental affinity, those with a lineage that traces back to gold or red dragons thrive in extreme heat and similar climates where as those with a lineage that traces back to silver or white dragons would likely prefer colder weather conditions. Regardless of the environment Jokan are able to adapt and survive like other humanoid species, unless the location is not suitable for life.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Jokan are omnivorous and are able to digest most plants and meats but they tend to prefer fatty meats, however depending on an individuals culture or even geographical location their diet can change. Jokan are natural hunters given their claws, their elemental breath, and their tails (if present).

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Jokan can be found throughout most of Ostyria, varying ancestral backgrounds may determine the climate that they may be more inclined to inhabit. Kuu'land is considered the ancestral home of the Jokan and it is the location with the largest population of Jokan of any continent.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Jokan are not known to have any extrasensory capabilities, they see and hear like other humanoids with their two eyes and two ear-holes.

Scientific Name
Homo Draconis
100 years
Average Height
6 - 8 ft. (1.83 - 2.44 m)
Average Weight
150 - 300 lbs. (68.02 - 136.08 kg)
Geographic Distribution
Geographic Location | Mar 28, 2023


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