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Carcai (Kaar-Kai)

Get under cover quick and off the ground. They come from above and below, they can taste the fear on the air and they smell the blood, calm yourself quick. Lest you lose an arm or ya toes.
— Lanfen Farmer

Leaving bodies to decay naturally may be the only choice after a long battle but it brings unwelcome guests and they are not friendly. Carcai are bird-like predatory scavengers with features similar to vultures and gophers. They are dangerous in flocks and are highly aggressive, especially when food is involved. What makes these beast even more off putting is that they have uncanny burrowing abilities making them hard to get rid of.

Basic Information


Carcai are feathered creatures with vulture-like features such as their bald head, enlongated necks, wings and clawed feet, they also have rodent-like tails and instead of beaks they have large incisors that are visciously sharp.

Due to their afffinty for the air or underground, their legs are very weak and are not used often for any purpose, not even walking. Instead their sharp wings carve away at the ground as they spin fast like a drill.

Growth Rate & Stages

Carcai when born remain underground for a period of time until they are able to burrow out and fly directly into the sky. They quickly must adapt or become food for other predatory species or even other carcai.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The main diet for a carcai is carrion of any kind though living flesh, bone and blood is suitably if easy to obtain. Carcai search from high above for freshly dead bodies in groups called kettles. Once food is spotted, carcai descend upon the carrion by quickly closing their wings around them, and spinning. Their descent is fast and hard, they impact with the body and due to their momentum and knive-like feathers continue to burrow underground. They reverse directions underground then use their incisors to pop-up quickly and take parts of the body with them.

Carcai are able to store food in their cheeks and usually do so, picking a corpse clean and finishing their meal while underground.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Carcai have a keen sense of smell and sight, being able to smell fresh blood up to a mile away and seeing the same. These senses allow them to be formidable scavangers whether in the air or below the ground.

7-8 years
Average Height
8.5 - 10 ft. Wingspan
Average Weight
17 - 33lbs.
Average Length
3.3 - 4.3 ft. (Adult)
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: by Hanhula (via Midjourney)