The Dungeon Crawlers Guide to Disastrous Adventure

It's not often that an adventurer is both good at defending themselves, and good at documenting their journeys, but The Dungeon Crawlers Guide to Disastrous Adventure proves that Jamie Baret is up to the task.
As a librarian, I have to say that this is the most comprehensive piece I've ever seen. But as a human being I'm absolutely disgusted.
— Abigail Lawson Head Librarian


This documents main purpose is to look pretty and to dissuade young adventurers from going down into some of the more dangerous places in Broceliande, as well as many that are just too fragile to handle large parties of adventurers and explorers, run-away princes and princesses and the like.


Disputedly Jamie Baret's greatest work, this omnibus edition contains everything Jamie Baret believes an adventurer needs to know. On the positive side, it's beautifully illustrated with all the monsters he's faced and with very detailed and surprisingly precise statistics about the strengths, weaknesses and all round toughness. But many of Jamie's detractors believe that he was too quick to jump to conclusions, and that every terrifying-looking creature in a dungeon isn't out to kill you.
Dear readers, many apologies for having no pretty pictures here, it seems the scribes have gone on strike and have refused to replicate any pictures from the document, or even the codument itself. I will, of course be having words with them as soon as I recover from this damnable illness.   Sincerely, Abigail Lawson

Cover image: Les Roses Mashup AJP by Pierre-Joseph Redouté modified by AJP


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Master Cassie Storyweaver
Cassie Storyweaver
6 Aug, 2022 21:52

I just love Abigail's comments. Now I want to read this book more than ever. I am totally stealing this approach for my own player's guide!

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7 Aug, 2022 04:58

Yay, I thought a few people might. Good on you!!!! :) I'll take your theft as flattery. Please feel free to tag me when you're done. I'd love to see what you come up with. :) Also - Abigail was just me - cos I was sick through the Summer Challenge and had to just throw up a whole lot of articles without pretty pictures, and it made me sad. :)

A.J. Ponder (author)