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The Ring of Fire and Dragons. An echo of Faerune and of Washington, USA


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Writers Team

"Breathe, dragons; sing of the First World..."
-Elegy for the First World1

Beyond counting are the worlds of the material plane, echos of the Sundering, each one unique, yet all related. This echo is a world of magic and dragons; of chaos and order, sometimes even of good and evil. A myriad of beings walk the mortal stage; thinking creatures who dream and wake, who create ... and destroy.

This echo is home to the mountains, volcanoes, and dragons of the Ring of Fire. And yet, perhaps the Faerie dragons had more than a little to do with this echo's tune. For this is also a world of absurdities, sometimes the secret parts get spoken aloud, or the reality is more literal than is comfortable.

1. Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, 2021.


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