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Chronomantic Tenets (kroˈnomæntɪk ˈtɛnəts)

The Chronomantic Tenets is a book written during the Age of Creation by a powerful archmage who had the intention of traversing the timeline through the future and past.  


This leather bound book has a strange arcane device embedded into the front cover. This device seems to glow and shimmer as it spins with golden rings engraved with arcane sigils. The interior of the book is made of a fine paper with ink that seems to be magically bound onto the pages of the book.   Despite its age, the book seems to be in perfect working order, as if magic has kept it protected in the many years since its creaiton. As such, even when it was rediscovered during the Age of Restoration, the pages and cover of the book seemed to be in a perfect condition.  


The book acts in two ways, it is a font of knowledge on the intricacies of Chronomancy and its development through the centuries that Master Yggraloth Vydran lived. The book also acts as a spellbook containing the most powerful Chronomancy spells that were developed throughout the Age of Creation and Age of Restoration.  


The book has had several owners throughout the years, all wishing to discover more about the creation and upholding of Chronomantic magic.

Age of Creation

  • Master Yggraloth Vydran - The creator and author of the book, they were the original founder of Chronomantic knowledge and developed the theoretical and practical applications of such spells if they were to be used.
  • Master Lidran Uvigas - The second owner of the book was the apprentice of Master Vydran and procured the book after his passing. As a result she has the only other remaining notes within the book before its completion.

The Shatter

Not much is known about the location of the Chronomantic Tenets during the shatter, it has been assumed to have been wielded by the champion of Thoura, whom was the patron deity of Master Yggraloth Vydran throughout all of their research.

Age of Restoration

  • Archivist Revalis Drysuul - Diamond of the Obsidian Forge in the city of Lysir, he discovered the Chronomantic Tenets in a strange ruin deep in the Aonis Wilds
  • Maester Ovaris Riquin - An archmage who has dedicated his long life to Chronomancy, he procured the Chronomantic Tenets from the Obsidian Forge in 593 AR and has owned the book ever since.


There are two authors within the Chronomantic Tenets, Master Yggraloth Vydran and Master Lidran Uvigas. Four thousand pages are filled with the research and notes of Master Vydran, whereas only around two hundred of the pages have content written by Master Uvigas.   Quotes from Master Yggraloth Vydran
The temporality of an object must be kept precise, one divergence from its initial course will not correct and may produce adverse effects. It is recommended that one be wise when traversing the potential timelines of the world.
— Master Vydran on the traversal of time.
  Quotes from Master Lidran Uvigas
Whilst postulated that one may travel through a number of potential timelines given the correct opporutnity, I now postulate that whenever someone traverses in time, it becomes a fixed point and that their interference in the temporal nexus that is Nonvyrox will produce a consistent flow of events that cannot be changed.
— Master Uvigas on the research conducted around the traversal of time.

Art Credits

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Chronomatic Tenets

General Information
Type Book
Author Master Yggraloth Vydran
Date of Publication 1250 AC
Arcane Information
School of Magic Chronomancy
Spells Contained Time Stop
Time Shift
Temporal Traversal


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