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Skrinja's Dogeared Journal

Skrinja' dogeared Copy of "Surveys of Ancient Yak'koli" is marked up with much of Skrinja the Inverted's notes about Yak'koli—creatures, caves, landmarks, and dangers present within the Yak'kolithar Amberge Complex and throughout the rest of Yak'koli's underside.

As Skrinja is one of the few surveyors working for the complex, it is likely that his is the most up-to-date survey of the complex anywhere, complete with notes about new passages, closed ones, and bypasses.

If you choose to play as Skrinja in Yak'koli's story, you begin with this journal, otherwise you may encounter it on your adventures.

Attaining This Book

If you are in posession of this book, click the below selection to see Skrinja's notes added to Surveys of Ancient Yak'koli.

A dusty, beaten, leatherbound copy of Surveys of Ancient Yak'koli, so well-used that the cover's text is illegible, and the spine is warped from water damage. Ribbons spread throughout the pages mark different critical passages, with the most notes being towards the end of the book, where the most recently discovered passages are spoken of.



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