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A Walk Through the Forest Research Notes

Mimi, while the request to help search for Reagan is being processed, compare these documents of Reagan and Taegrin. Use this as an opportunity to understand Taegrin some more.

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Finding Hoen

Analysemonth the 13th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Reagan's Walk through the Forest

Reagan walked through the Great Forest one day and stumbled upon a sleeping Dryad. He was looking at mushrooms and had thought he had found a new variant, but it was Hoen's lunch. Hoen was a young Dryad who likes to eat poison (she has taste).   

The Document

Author: Reagan Wunder
Authoring Date: Toilmonth the 3rd, Year 12 of the Century of the Human, 24 Cycle
Purpose: Research log of the different mushrooms in the Great Forest
Medium: Report was handwritten on preservable paper (specific for travelling logs)
Publication Status: Part of Reagan's Discover Notes Set 1 (available at any major library)
Legacy: A must have document in both the 'Reagan Reseach Fanatics' and 'Reagan X Hoen Fan Club'.
This report is one of the few documents that Reagan completely finished and submitted as a publication. Rumour has it, that it was to show Hoen how one might write up and submit a research report. His teaching phase (of Hoen) didn't last long though, and he didn't submit a completed document for another 200 years.
This report documents the 2 different genus of mushrooms in the Great Forest, the 30 species (across the 2 genus) and the 140 classes (across the 30 species). It also documents the additional 42 different mushrooms that were not naturally grown, but were experiements by Hoen.
  This is a hefty document, that takes 142 pages. For each mushroom, there is a picture, some data and notes on location and density etc., as well as a short section on a cluster of each type of mushroom where he first found it. These include a number of segments that include Hoen, from his 'discoveries' that ended up being her lunch, to his scares from her appearing out of nowhere (including a few times where she rose from within the mushroom cluster).
  It took Reagan nine months to scour the Forest for mushrooms. I don't know if he actually did get bored of walking (some of his later entries suggest it may be so), but he still managed to document 140 mushroom types. Most people just labelled them all with 'the glowy kind' or the 'non-glowy kind' and then what colour or shape they were. A lot of them were already named by previous researchers or Knowledge Liaison Officers, but he still managed to find and name another 39 mushrooms. (picture)

The Relationship Afterwards

Hoen thought Reagan was funny, as he kept finding interesting things, so she followed him and soon they became known as basically inseparable.  

Taegrin's Walk through the Forest

Taegrin's walk through the Great Forest was to try and imitate Reagan, but I can just imagine him getting all flustered and lost *snerk*. In the end, he was found by a Dryad. It was not the same relationship as Reagan and Hoen, but it was a relationship with a Dryad.

The Document

Author: Taegrin Altus
Authoring Date: Willmonth month the 17th, Year 25 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
Purpose: Taegrin's young attempt at mimicing Reagan
Medium: Report was handwritten on preservable paper (specific for travelling logs)
Publication Status: Published in his family's library and some of the larger Libraries have copies.
Legacy: There's not much to say about it yet, Taegrin won't admit (but also won't won't admit) that he is expecting to become a great researcher and this will be one of the documents that show his interest from young. For now, it's mostly saved as an 'encounter with the Dryad Trader' (before he started raising a son), so it is still actually looked at.
Probably because Taegrin was young, he chose a random flower to observe. He documents the first patch of tiny pale pink flowers, mentioning how big the patch was, that it crawled up a tree, how far away it was from Forest Elf Kingdom (not far away), and about an individual flower. Then he started to walk through the forest to find more. His directions are similar to that of a Nymph, but missing the actual navigation marks, so he wrote blandly about a lot of trees and clearly got lost. (Pretty sure there are tear patches here.)
  He was found by an older Dryad, who was picking berries. He gave the few berries he had picked so far and let Taegrin ride in the large basket he had on his back. Thus he took Taegrin back to the Forest Elf Kingdom. Once Taegrin had a ride home, he chatted with the Dryad and when the Dryad heard what Taegrin was trying to do, he gave him a lecture on the little red berries he had. They picked a lot more and went to the Elf Shoemakers that had ordered some of the berries. The Dryad left Taegrin there as the Shoemaker couple had a boy, Ben, a few years younger then Taegrin. This was documented as Ben became the way for Taegrin to meet the Dryad again. (picture)

The Relationship Afterwards

The Dryad was a trader, and as Taegrin was part of Elf nobility, they could work with each other. Although they didn't 'stumble' across things in the Great Forest as Hoen did, the Dryad was able to aquire an assortment of materials for Taegrin to research while he was still in school.
There are so many more things you could say about Reagan's notes, like
I'm gonna stop you there.
Nope, that's it.
Plus, I heard that other KLO's have scoured all the Great Forest area's mentioned by Reagan in any of his available notes. Unless it's through Hoen or some newly available notes, I'm not going to find him from this document.
Just find him.
Why are you focusing on me getting lost?
Isn't the story side of things closer to what Reagan and Hoen's relationship is about?
Can I meet this Ben character?

Supervisor Feedback

'Won't won't admit' should be replaced with 'won't deny'.
As I am unsure to whether you really understood the assignment, you can write up about both Reagan and Taegrin next. Work out what is precious to them, and what motivates them.
    Council Notes
Postpon decision to let Mimi into the field as part of the search and rescue team until the next assignment is submitted.

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Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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