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The Palate of Patala; Danger, Opportunity, And Culinary Exploration

Someone has the first to see what is and is not edible in these brave new lands.  
— Foreword by Talak the Devourer
  A collection of expedition logs, recipes, and personal observation, the Palate of Patala asks and answer the question: can you eat that?   The work of the notorious Talak the Devourer, sometimes known as the friendly cannibal, it details his journey through Patala and his attempts to cook, boil, pickle, ferment, taste, and consume everything within. With famine as his eternal foe, the Devourer hopes that others will be able to avoid hunger through his experiments - no matter how many bouts of food poisoning he has to suffer in the process.   While the original book is still with Talak and his group, they periodically send back reproductions of parts and pieces to civilization, usually with some new exciting discovery or warning. These pamplets are highly prized for the insight they contain, sometimes collected into other works where chefs, explorers, and culinary daredevil add their observations. Most are just glad someone else is trying these things so they don't have to.  
Don't be fooled by the Hojari's appearance. No matter how hungry, consuming its tainted flesh will shackle you to the bathroom for at least a day - believe me.

The Devourer   An infamous Hākari-Kaia, known for his great ambitions and even greater hunger, Talak has traveled far and wide across Araea, and consumed an equally wide array of creatures and flora.   His purpose is to banish the specter of starvation that hovers over mankind by expanding its culinary horizons and boundries. No cooking experiment is too mad for him to try, no dish too strange, and no creature safe from his appetites.   Read More About Talak the Devourer

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