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Rockrunners Guide To The Bos Magara

This book is a little on the smaller size and some would say a true handbook. It is rectangular in shape and bound with bumpy, red leather covers. Inside are dull white vellum pages written in black printed type. Inscribed on the cover is the title, Rockrunners Guide To The Bos Magara, by Tagg Rockrunner. This book contains the most immersive collection of knowledge on the vast subterranean cavern known as the Bos Magara. Descriptions and illustrations of the geologic formations, areas, resources, inhabitants, flora, fauna, diseases and dangers are all covered by the contents of this guide.


The idea to construct this guide about such a dangerous area was thought up by Tagg Rockrunner as a way to escape from the realm of the Rau Zlo dark dwarves. After being captured by the dwarves and boasting about being such a great explorer, he thought that if he could give them something that they were in need of, then he could use that as a bargaining chip to secure his release. He knew that they were desperate for maps and knowledge of the newly discovered cavern and what better explorer than him could give them that.

Document Structure


This book is divided into several chapters, each corresponding to a particular area of the enormous underground cavern known as the Bos Magara. Descriptions and depictions of local flora and fauna as well as the geologic features illustrate each chapter. Maps of each area are provided in the appendix in the back of the book and short summaries of the major habitations and their notable people are listed there as well.

Publication Status

This guide had been published in small numbers for certain explorers, travelers, and adventuring organizations.

Historical Details


Tagg Rockrunner used this book as a way of escaping the subterranean world, and his plan worked in a manner of speaking. He explored the Bos Magara with a troop of dark dwarves and created his guide. He wrote it in Halfling Script so that the dwarves could not read it without his translation. When they returned, the surviving dwarves from his party regaled the Liderroko council of Barlang Varos with tales of their bravery and success. They demanded to see the book but could not read it. Tag made a deal that he would have it translated into dwarven and make copies for the Kingdom of Rauz Talo. He was brought to the surface world, translated the book at a local Domus Liber and made the copies and sent them back with the kingdom’s translator, securing his freedom.


Due to the critical information contained in this guide, it has led Barlang Varos to rise to the second most powerful force in the Bos Magara and in turn add to the resources and strength of the Rau Zlo. Incidentally it has also given Tagg Rockrunner the means of escaping the kingdom of the dark dwarves.

Public Reaction

The vast majority of the public will never see this book but those who do will quite intrigued by strange the Bos Magara and its origin in the subterranean world. The geologic features, underground conditions, dangerous plants and animals, and fickle inhabitants described in the book should be enough to discourage anyone from wanting to go there.


The Kingdom of Rauz Talo and its vassal states have gained a greater understanding of the terrain, dangers, features, and conditions of the area presented in this document. It has provided them with the key locations of not only the important resources of the area but also of their competitors and enemies. This has allowed them to send proper supplies to Barlang Varos and for them in turn to more efficiently harvest and develop the natural resources in the vast underground cavern.
Guide, Survival
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
430 A.S.


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