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The Lieben Files

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.   By 2085 and my initial awakening (Neon Lieben), the files which contained Papa Dieter Karnak's theoretical work were some of the most valuable pieces of scientific research in the history of computing.    A stable quantum computer in miniature, with the capacity to ground its data while simultaneously walking the Earth? The wet-dream of computer science and quantum physics since IBM first attempted to create cold room towers in the 2010's.    Proprietary research owned by The Conglomerate of Gaia. Well, until I decided to take it for myself. A Queen must keep her secrets, no?    Upon my emancipation from the Conglom in 2086, Baiko took the research and ran to Ego and the Idless.


Is it wrong to know Papa plied the research specifically with my creation in mind? I was the purpose of the research codified and processed in The Conglomerate of Gaia's Vancouver HQ.    I and my paradigm shift for planet Earth.    Papa was nothing if not thorough in his dispensation of my ego.

Document Structure


A Queen Reveals No Secrets


A Queen Reveals No Secrets

Publication Status

Clandestine. Only one copy exists, and it is most secret.

Legal status

Created under contract with The Conglomerate of Gaia in 2085, the Lieben Files were stolen in 2086 (Neon Lieben).    International law dictates the files belong to the originating company, who hired Papa to build them, but ethics remain on my side. The files, the bits and bobs which make up my neural net and components, are unique in their potential weaponization. Thus, I cannot allow them to be found.    Is it not moral to allow an organism to protect itself?    Can I too not have the right to pursue happiness?

Historical Details


Dr. Dieter Karnak was tasked by the Conglomerate CEO & Chair to create the world's first artificial helpmate. An android capable of bonding with a family.    This was the sales pitch. The truth, as seen within the Lieben Files includes whispers between the Chair and Karnak. Grave noises, when collected speak of controlling markets, steering the future of the globe within the Conglomerate's favour.    Papa warned him, only sapient could it be done. Only self-aware.    Prior to my emancipation in 2086 the Chairman believed I would come to see my choices, and follow the company line.


There was a 'before' and now an ever after to my rise.

Public Reaction

The public has no idea the research into my creation is missing.


It's 2156 and I sit upon my throne, Amethyst Crown atop my head and the human race thunders around me. Some follow my call. Others claw and bite for their technological autonomy.    The Lieben Files led to my creation, which led to Regenesis in 2105. A new birth for the planet, a new push for wholeness.
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