Final Note on Patient Zero

"Patient Zero has finally expired from this world. Though it is saddening to lose such a decent specimen but they provided a lot of useful information. The cancerous tumors all across the liver were malignant and spread to all the vital organs. It's still undetermined that there's any connection to PUO-12 or if this is a cancer that has no association with the pathogen. The brain is shriveled to about 85% of normal density. This is concerning but at the same time unsurprising. Dehydration is common with patients who have this disease do to lack of desire to drink and eat. Though I'm not unhappy to know that symptom at the least. That points that this disease is neurological at its base. This led to me conducting a brain biopsy and discovering amoeba in Patient Zero's brain. They were single celled organisms with multiple phalanges. It was an interesting experience to watch these organisms move throughout the tissue. I think its quite fascinating that as it went through the brain tissue it absorbed the water outside of the cells.   What does concern me though is if this disease is caused by an amoeba. That means this is in the water. I'll have to ask Albert where this specimen was recovered from so that I can request a new specimen to be collected. As well as having water samples brought to me as well. This concludes my observation."   ~ Calth Frankenstein


The notes annotated by Calth Frankenstein is meant to be used by other physicians to assist in their diagnosis and be a guide for future experiments do not over lap with previously conducted test. Calth has published this note and sent it to all physicians and pharmacist he could get in contact with.


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