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An Exploration of Mid-Dysvoll

Cavendish's Travels in Ashilder, Fennlad and Minnaha

The book An Exploration of Mid-Dysvoll: Cavendish's Travels In Ashilder, Fennlad And Minnaha is an informational book written by Cynthia Cavendish. The book is based on Cavendish's own journal and notes from her third exploration travel through Dysvoll. It was written to ensure that the discoveries she'd made and the knowledge she had uncovered throughout her travels would not be forgotten when she died.  

An informative work

The book entails her travels in Ashilder, Fennlad and Minnaha. The book includes both information about the landscape, maps drawn by herself and a cartographer she brought along, information on plants and wildlife as well as historically significant areas and spots.   Cynthia also decided to include some of the doodles she had scribbled in the margins of her personal journal, as many of them depicted plants, buildings or animals she'd seen during the trip. Though she did have to write an exclaimed underneath, as she wasn't sure how accurate they were and her memory of the original items had faded throughout the years.  

A few decades late

The original travel lasted from 1431-1432 ADF, but the book wasn't written until about 20 years later in 1453 ADF. Cavendish had kept all her notes, doodles and journals with the intention of writing books about each travel, but she had put it off for years. Instead, she had gone on another travel, and another and another. Soon, her notes and records had piled up and she finally decided to do something about it.
Manuscript, Historical
Authoring Date
1453 ADF
Cynthia Cavendish
Character | Jul 28, 2022

A well-known explorer and writer, who wrote informative works about geography and history.

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