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Diary of an acadean Sailor, 479 CE

"We watched, powerless, as the mighty city of Acadea was buried alive."
- Diary of an acadean Sailor, 24th of June 479 CE -
The Diary of an acadean Sailor from the year 479 CE contains day by day accounts of the life of its author, whose name is not recorded. Written in ancient Acadean, it describes the everyday life of an average acadean sailor on a merchants ship. That year's diary contains several visits to Acadea, each time including a partial description of the city, mainly the harbour and market districts.

It also contains a detailed account of the 24th of June 479 CE, the day the city of Acadea was destroyed, burned and buried alive in ashes from the eruptions of several of the volcanoes surrounding the city. The diary is now an improtant source for those exploring the ruins of Acadea, guiding their search for the secrets of Acadea.


It was the diary of an acadean sailor who wrote down his day to day life and documented the occurances of each day.

Document Structure


The diary contains entries from nearly every day in the life of its creator.

Publication Status

The diary was private back when it was written, but has stayed in the family and has since been discovered as a relevant historical source regarding the destruction of Acadea.

Historical Details


Back in the day, this diary was just a sailors log, documenting his everyday life.


The 479 CE diary of this sailor, who wrote one diary each year, happens to include a detailed account of the destruction of Acadea as well as several partial descriptions of the city itself, which the man visited several times.


It has now, after some of the ruins of Acadea have resurfaced, become an important document used to aid in the reconstruction and rediscovery of Acadea.


The diary includes accounts of almost every day of the year 479 CE, though the relevant parts nowadays are mainly those describing the 24th of June 479 CE, on which Acadea was buried alive.

Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
479 CE


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