The Haunting of the Hunting Lodge

The ruins of a hunting lodge near Logtown and within one of the Salt Forests of Vetheriss are believed, according to members of the Order of Speared Light., to have an ancient helmet buried by time within its halls. The Arle of Vetheriss, desperate for proof of being AncestorDude's descendant has ordered an archeological dig of the ruins and the surrounding forest. AncestorDude was an ally of Saint Antral during her Rebellion.

In the waning years of the Adrakian Empire. Ancestordude had taken the land from a priest of Kaygys, the Jealous and made a home for themselves within one of the many salt forests of the region. The priest, however, was annoyed to lose the land, and began summoning up walking nightmares within the woods. Several of the salt-encrusted trees animated to hunt down AncestorDude, but fell short every time before AncestorDude left to resume dismantling the Empire at the Saint's side.

After the Empire fell, AncestorDude resumed living in the hunting lodge. Before passing away, they buried their helmet with a seal claiming only the rightful heir of AncestorDude could lay claim to the helmet and remove it.

It is said, the still-living priest haunts the woods, searching for AncestorDude and the helmet in order to destroy the helmet and reclaim the forest.The Priest has been rumored to find anyone out in the forest and turn the person to their own goals, searching for the relic or doing other tasks. Not everyone is returned to Logtown after seeing the priest of the forest.

In response to rumors of these hauntings, the Order of Speared Light has been overseeing the excavation, and at night, they search for the Adrakian Priest. So far, they've not found the priest.

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