"So death isn't enough, one must live on?"   "We are the once-living."
The Undead isn't so much as a species as they are the after of a species. Any of the dead could be potentially raised and become an undead. The undead are not a species of their own kind - they are still of the species they were in life, and they are a bit more.


No one is certain when the first undead returned or what kind of undead they were.   The origins of each undead is unique to their "kind." Most undead are identified as being one kind or another based on how they were returned to walk among the living and why. A Vengeance Hunter comes back by sheer willpower and their ability to convince the Thydian Watcher of Graves of their cause while being continually tested to survive each borrowed moment. A Lich is a mage who chose to extend their life through unnatural means and face challenges regarding their mind's survival while their body wastes away.   Some "undead" are true mindless monsters - skeletal remains reanimated to complete tasks set to them by a mage, the shrieking war cry calling corpses from their grave to fight once more, or the mixed-and-matched creations of curious minds putting pieces together "just to see what would happen." These beings are not Undead, but reanimated beings recorded in bestiaries and stories to scare children into behaving.


Often the undead continue to decay, though the ones who were living with magical talents would likely mummify themselves rather than rot apart.
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