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Shared customary codes and values

Solitary from each other, if two Liches should meet, the event is rare enough to become a historical event

Average technological level

Magic and technology woven together into values of the individual and the culture the individual came from.

Common Etiquette rules

One does not merely walk to a Lich and meet the Lich, one must be invited.

Art & Architecture

The art styles a Lich would surround themself remind the Lich of the glory days of old, whenever the individuals would feel the old days were the most glorious. A few have set themselves towards building the glory days to come.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

A Lich is born through three means -
    A deal made with a deity or near-deity with the result of becoming a Lich among whatever result was wanted.
      This is the most limited, in terms of power, Lich.
    A magical means of separating a soul from from the body into a physical object while the body remains unpossessed.
      While this is done intentionally, the motives for why will vary. This is also the most difficult method to achieve.
    A bloodoath requiring the mage to complete a task, even after death.
      The weakest of Liches, as they will lose their status as a Lich as soon as the task is completed, this is also the easiest way to achieve Lich status, though also the slowest method.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Should a Lich learn of another Lich passing away, the loss to the world is acknowledged only as acknowledgement of the dead Lich's failings for power.

Common Taboos

A Lich serving anyone is frowned upon, and describing a Lich as serving is the greatest insult.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is judged by one's ability to silence a room with one's presence, to inspire fear or love with a glance, but above all, to be the incarnate of power.

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