(a.k.a. Urosh)

"Urosh" is a mercenary from Felkhath who has taken on a job, following leads south towards Korsma and the region north to Feroian Keep. "Urosh" is not his real name, but he's not offered any other.
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Urosh was hired to find Valeska for the Great-Cook Family. He was enthralled by Davon and converted into a Vampires thrall, one without any free will or autonomous action until Lucan Stellos broke into the Magical Archive and stole an item, seeming to have broken free from Davon's control.
Davon wants Lucan back for the sword, and to uncover how Lucan broke free, and so sent Urosh.
"You see a man with short, bright white hair, maybe in his mid thirties, he appears to be looking for something or someone in the market. Valeska, you recognize the man as someone who had been in and out of Felkhath, a mercenary of sorts who had done some various acts that had earned him favor with your parents, or it was favor with some people who worked with or for your parents. Unlike when you had seen him in the past, he looks like he had lost some weight, and his hair is ill-kept compared to entering the Eating Hall of an Arle's home."
"You recall one of the Arling Guards had said something about the man, Urosh, having cleared out a bandit camp before the guards arrived with the initial messenger."

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Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

  • Missing two fingers on his left hand - the pinky and third finger.
  • Bright white hair, a shade unusual for a human who isn't 30 years old.

Personality Characteristics


"I am a man of some very specific skills that are useful in very few kinds of work. I may as well try to make a living with these skills."


"He appeared to be reasonably well groomed for a mercenary in your memories, Valeska, but he looks less well-kept now."
"He smells like old metal with a hint of rust."
Short, bright white hair.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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