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Brass Coin

Unlike steel, brass coins wouldn't be as risk of destruction because someone wanted to try and use the coin as material or other uses. Iron coins were proposed, but they're a pure metal used by everyone for everyday objects. Brass is the armor and weapons of our ancestors, but not the weapons and armor of today. We use brass to make things pretty - the tackle of our horses, the candlesticks we use to light our houses, jewelry. Brass takes work, like steel, but doesn't take the metals we use for war.


The Adrakian Empire standardized the use of gold, silver, and copper coins at some uncertain date of its era. The three coinages together were called the Triad The exact exchange of each was generally on a scale of ten among the local coinage and then varying when mixing coins internationally.

Inflation came about as a result of coin minters working to keep their coin updated to their patrons' wishes, old coin being found and brought in and reminted, and counterfeits seeping their way into the pockets of the honest.


The exact cause of the Gold Flood is uncertain, only the timing is known. Most with the knowledge and interest in finding the exact origins of the flood agree on multiple causes and disagree on which causes. Ruins looting, battlefield bounty, the once-wealthy having their gold and silver drained from the coffers, or counterfeiters with their hands on legitiment coin molds, for the uncertain mix and degrees of reason, the economies on Soplas had sudden abundance of their more precious metals used as coinage. Eventually coin value dropped until no one was accepting any and only dealing in direct trades - goods for goods or goods for future promises kept between locals.

After the Great War, each country and political power began reworking their treasuries individually before word spread among the merchants of what the neighboring regions were doing.

Diplomatic methods eventually carried discussions and debate over how to replace and somewhat recover lost or devalued wealth. Decidenamelater proposed the use of brass, arguing down the other popular choices of steel or iron.

Due to the lack of other current and nonornamental uses for brass, it eventually became the agreed upon new standard for merchants to carry.


Many brass coins are former candlesticks or jewels, but the drive to create the coins reopened tin mines for creating brass in large amounts to replace the Triad. The replacement process took two years, most of the delay came from more rural regions seeking assurances from their leaders the merchants were not trying to swindle them of their goods.

Creation Date
Thydian Calendar: 20 3A
Tormian Calendar:
Goltherine Calendar:
Cities Calendar:
Current Location
Base Price
1 Brass = 1.5 Gold or 15 Silver or 150 Copper (At Banks)
1 Brass = 3 Gold or 30 Silver or 300 Copper (The usual inflation at stores)



Banks and wealthy merchants can mass-test coins with a lodestone as brass-coated items are more attracted to the stone than solid brass. Other tests include the "scratch test" to see if the brass color runs through or fades for another metal underneath.

True brass coins tarnish their coloring, while the forgeries rust from being made from a more copper based version of brass or from being brass-coated and the coating wearing through.


  • The Five Cities
    • Each of the Cities use their own mint, but each city uses a rectangular mold for the base, unminted form.
  • Goltheris
    • The Goltherine Merchant Guild controls the mint and the markets, but the coins are circular with a hole for the coins to be strung together, leading to the term "cutting the purse strings" becoming a term for when a patron stops supporting their patronee.
  • Theydim
    • Thydian coins are whole and circular, though there are variants in coins to mark varying values such as a semicircle-brass coin "Half" or a quarter-circle "Sliver" after merchants started trying to cut their coins to make trades more even.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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Dec 11, 2021 15:16

It looks like you have a solid economic system built in your world. It feels very realistic

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Dec 11, 2021 21:51 by Lyraine Alei

Thanks! I generally worldbuild by starting with realism to the best of my ability and then adding in more fantastical aspects. As for the economy, okay, I'll admit, it was because I made a joke about people being suspicious of foreign coin and my players having very old coin no one recognized and so people inflated the prices. Then I was thinking of leaving behind the D&D Gold Silver Copper economy and took inspiration from real life (gold standard, silver mining to trade across Asia etc.) before deciding to playing with a "useless" metal like brass. Because brass is pretty and I have no idea what it was used for historically once steel was in the picture for weapons and armor.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
Dec 11, 2021 21:14

This is a nice tightly written article that adds another lovely layer of detail and reality.

Dec 11, 2021 21:53 by Lyraine Alei

Thank you! I was delighted to keep the focus, well, focused, and while figuring out a economy is headache for a lot of people who would reach for common fantasy tropes, I felt like it was a fun opportunity to lay down some plot ideas to think about while I worldbuild other surface level details.

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Dec 15, 2021 22:13

Brass makes so much sense as a coin, ornamentation of the pockets. I really like how you developed this idea, all the natural conclusions and thought into the economics of it.

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Dec 16, 2021 01:27 by Lyraine Alei

Thank you! I thought it made sense too, but also, brass is pretty. The logical conclusions and economic thoughts were developed and considered so I could make it make sense, so I'm really pleased that it does work out and sound logical to others as well!

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Dec 28, 2021 04:04 by jyliet of the house

the information about forgeries and counterfeit coins is so cool! breathes a lot of life into a world when you're writing about thwarting a crime and answering a question that wasn't asked. awesome!

Dec 28, 2021 05:10 by Lyraine Alei

Thank you! I felt that if I were going to have an unconventional coinage, I needed a reason to remove a more conventional system. Money is always one of those things that is needed but I've generally disregarded as a worldbuilding topic. As for crime, I feel that if there is something of value, someone is going to try and get it in some way, so it opens up possible plots for me or (maybe, if I ever do market this setting) someone else to use.

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Great article! Especially loving the relation of the coins to the history of your world which explains really well how they came to be. The forgery section was a nice addition as well and gives a lot of realism to your world.

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Thank you! I built up the history as a reasoning for why a non-precious metal was the better for money when usually the rarity of a material is part of the value in an economy. The forgeries mostly came about because I often forget the difference between brass and bronze, and, well, if there is something of value, others will try to make their own versions of that valuable thing.

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Aaah I didn't comment on this one yet. Really interesting to see the economy tank as well due to the Gold Flood. Great article!

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