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Magnus's Jewels

Didn't the High King receive a necklace from somewhere out in one of the Eastern Arlings? And then it went missing when he died. Coincidence? I think not.
— Drunk soldier in a tavern
  A popular theory passed between Capitolist soldiers for how High King Magnus Was Murdered involves the idea of the High King being poisoned. The who changes from teller to teller, though most versions claim it was someone from the eastern side of Theydim.   The typical poison delivery method is food, but a few versions involve a mysterious necklace or piece of jewelry that would be poisoned or cursed, and then disappear when the High King's body returned to Capital.   A variant whispered among some within Ostufer's faction suggests a piece of jewelry was cursed or poisoned, but was a gift from Magnusdotr or someone from the Western side of Theydim who wanted the High King dead for some other reason.  



Jewelry was a common gift between a person of slightly lower social standing to give to someone of greater standing. If an Arle was uncertain of an appropriate gift or tax payment to the High King, jewels were sent. Social Etiquette then requires the gift receiver to wear the gift or display it in some manner when the gift giver is nearby. This piece of etiquette is the "evidence" used by theorists to explain why the gift had to come from someone in Eastern Theydim.


With the lack of an actual piece of jewelry, drunk conspiracists would debate over the metals and jewels involved, each convinced the metal or stone was one kind because that was what their current favored murderer's arling had or mined.
Oh no no no, you are absolutely wrong. Gem are found all over in Alleklint Arling. Therefore, you are wrong!


While the details are debated heavily, most versions of the theory suggests the jewelry was in the shape of a dragon or had some kind of dragon symbology.
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Jewelry / Valuable
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