Claudius (a.k.a. Old Man)

"Magic is not a toy, Valinde. Come along, I better teach you so you don't screw up your hand more."

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Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Identifying Characteristics


Facial Features


Body Features

Physical Quirks

Special Abilities

Apparel & Accessories


Specialized Equipment


Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Morality, Philosophy & Taboos


Early Life



Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments


Personality Characteristics



Savvies & Ineptitudes


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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is an old wizard, though far from frail. He can dungeon dive easily enough in most parts of Soplas, and often does exactly that.

Body Features

He has his wrinkles, but he is by no means a frail man. He's just frailer than he used to be, and his grip is still enough to be painful when he really needs to make a point.

Facial Features

He seems to concoct potions on the side to experiment with dyeing his hair and beard, so while the colors may change, he has a beard though would make many logging men proud to possess, though not longer than the distance between his chin and his collarbones. ("I am not a dwarf with an obsession with beards and gambling life away.")
His hair is kept to look similar in length to his beard, though sometimes his wards have failed enough to lose him several inches of hair.

Physical quirks

He has a slight lean to his walk, where he depends on his staff as more than his arcane focus, but as a walking aide, and this is more prominent when the weather turns cold, storming, or when he's been on his feet for most the day, or when he's been sitting all day long.

Special abilities

He's a wizard by trade and skill, but sometimes he indulges in playing up the wizard stereotypes.

Apparel & Accessories

He usually wears a mix of Tormian and Goltherine styles, resulting in shortened robes that appear more like a hooded tunic with long sleeves and enchanted trousers ("What self-respecting fool goes travelling in long robes that any bush or branch can grab, ripp, and oh no! You're in the buff, and worse - unprotected!"). He can usually be seen swinging a staff around, often smacking people with it for being idiots.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He's never spoken to Valinde about his youth or when he was an apprentice, but based on how most people in Feroian Province don't seem to remember a time before him, except for maybe a few grandparents (though even they aren't entirely sure they don't remember a time without him, or just remember him being more busy elsewhere). No one is really quite sure how old he is, and he smiles when asked, but doesn't give any answers.

Gender Identity

He, Him


University of Tormyra - unknown dates, unknown graduation ranking (if it was duing the time of such aplications).
[Goltherine Mage Guild] - currently a ranked member of the [Abjuration-based guild, Something like Guild of Warding Magic?]


He is mostly a self-employed man, though he can be and has been commissioned to assist in uncovering ruins and their treasures. He also sells warding enchantments, such as "Protection from Magical Fire" to taverns.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In his tower, he has a pile of things claiming he had been awarded for some deed or another, but the pile has fallen out of care.
He had an apprentice who became the court wizard of Arle Seawinde, and he has mentioned the former apprentice's similar failings when Valinde [Player Character] had been feeling particularly frustrated in her own lessons.

Failures & Embarrassments

He gets frustrated with himself when he fails to instruct a concept in a manner those seeking his instruction understand, and will repeatedly try to find other ways of teaching the concept until the student does understand, though he gets set in certain methods of teaching that had worked with previous apprentices in the past.

Mental Trauma

He has gone out in the middle of the night from his tower to cast wards or renew wards around the tower, muttering things about "the High King not being able to force me to" before trailing off. If he is awake while this happens or asleep, the result is the same. Whatever this means, he has brushed off all attempts to understand, if any have been made to find out what anything means.
Show spoiler
The High King of Theydim tried to force Claudius to help him in the Great War, and Claudius refused, while other mages tried to set fire to his tower.

Claudius will immediately do whatever it takes to smother flames, and his cheapest products to sell are protection from magical fire enchantments.

Morality & Philosophy

Knowledge is power, and how that knowledge is delivered can define how the power will be used, but most of all, power is for the future. He views himself as someone throwing a light into the future, and that knowledge belongs in the hands of the children.


He does not tolerate harm to children, as he views them as the ones destined to hold the future and full of unlimited potential that is only limited by adults around them.

Personality Characteristics


"Education is the only way to protect idiots from the dangers of magic. It's older than any mortal, and even after we're gone, it will still be on this world - so respect it!"

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He appears to struggle with actually teaching someone without insulting them half the time, or referencing things his student has likely not yet read. When he brings up his previous apprentices, he forgets that it could be interpreted as a comparison between the current and apprentices of the past.
On the other hand, he can absolutely go into long tangents about the mechanics of Abjuration, as well as being an excellent cook of his own meals.

Likes & Dislikes

He likes when magic is respected as the danger it poses to the world but is not fear as it is a tool of the world. He hates when it is used as a weapon of fear, or when others are careless around magic, and takes it as a personal duty to ensure the fools stop being so foolish.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is absolutely willing to teach, and even repeat lecture points from alternative approaches until the student stops giving him the glazed-eye effect because they understand.
For him, magic is a tool, and he believes magic should be seen as a tool by everyone, not just the Goltherines and the Tormians, as Thydians view it as a tool of oppression used against the people.
While others may believe magic is a secret to be kept hidden from others, he is happy to share his collection of book with anyone willing to read them - so long as they are put back onto the shelves when he needs them for his research.
Education is power, and he sees children as the future, so educating the young means he can help formulate the future and how they see the world.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is seen as a rough man with very little social skills, though clearly possessing more patience than others give him credit for, so long as they show authentic interest in improving, as failing to improve would be a reflection of his ability to teach under those circumstances.
He prefers to be left to his studies in his tower or in the field, but often forgets to tell people where he currently is, or forgets to tell people to stop sending him things that are time-sensitive.

Personality Quirks

If he is bored enough, his will give his apprentice a task, usually something mundane but obscure, such as purchasing five mushrooms with exactly two brown spots under the caps on opposite sides. While his apprentice (most recently Valinde) is off on this task, he has gone to school houses, as she had managed to catch him, and used magic to provide visual aides for whatever the school teacher was teaching. A few towns have asked him to stop, but the local children go to him for help understanding their numbers, and a few take advantage for him to use his magic for storytelling purposes.


While his home appears to be chaotic, it is organized, though more like "This goes into this pile because it is about that" as a system than alphabetized or neatly stacked into records and scrolls.
He keeps himself groomed enough to presentable, though when he is not expecting to be among nobility, he doesn't fuss about how he appears in order to get to his tasks right away.


Contacts & Relations

Valinde - Current Apprentice
[Previous Apprentice] - Court Wizard of Arle Seawinde
[Goltherine Guild of Warding Magic] - He's a Master rank, but not Guildmaster ranked, but he pays Guild dues from what he makes selling Warding Enchantments.

Religious Views

Of all the gods of the Thydian Pantheon, he follows [Thydian God of Parties, Truth, and Patron of Children] and Thydian Adventure God - Magic and Stealth , though more for the aspect of truth for the former, while the latter is the one he actually follows and asks for divine assistance from. He doesn't expect the gods to actually heed his request, but figures it wouldn't hurt to ask when times are particularly dire.

Social Aptitude

He seems to be more comfortable among the common folk compared to when he has to deal with nobility, and even among the non-nobility, he is more comfortable among children.
"Children are the most honest people you will ever meet, and they still remember how to have fun. No wonder [Thydian God of Parties, Truth, and Patron of Children] protects them as [gender pronoun] do."


When being asked a question, he often predicts the ending and starts nodding or shaking his head as the answer before the question is finished. Other times, he has pulled down a book he felt to be relevant to the answer before the question is finished.

Hobbies & Pets

While not a hobby, he absentmindedly crafts ward enchantments out of habit, as that was how the [Guild of Magical Warding] had its apprentices learn the craft when he was an apprentice, and it gives him something to sell to fund his other projects.

Wealth & Financial state

He is likely wealthier than he appears, as he never seems to be in need of funds, and while he sells warding enchantments, he does his share of exploring as well.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Master of Ancient Wards
[placeholder for a Thydian title]
Current Residence
His eyes are the clear blue similar to ice on a winter's day.
Known Languages
He knows many languages enough that he can read almost whatever he finds, though it may take him at least a day to translate, depending on the condition, the age, and the length of what needs to be translated in the field.
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
Show spoiler
Robert Duvall and Michael Caine's characters from Secondhand Lions - grouchy old man who find some idiots lovable enough, but he has a great deal of patience when he feels the recipient is worth the effort.

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I currently have one former apprentice who serves as the Arle of Seawinde's Court Wizard (Arle being a province-ruling rank below the High King of Theydim) and his current apprentice, who is a player character.   The Previous Apprentice, I'm still allowing to stew in my mind while I figure out who they were, but I'm also trying to consider the Player Character as she was presented to me, as Claudius' current Apprentice. How this previous apprentice had changed his teaching methods for his current one.   I was trying to give this image of someone no one is really sure just how old the guy is, and sometimes I forget that a sentence is not completed when I finish some aside note.   This entire page is also information the Player Character Valinde would know, while the spoiler tabs are things for the player to not read into just yet, so I have the awkward balancing act of "What might this character know?" with "What do I know about this guy?"   I am happy to share and read opinions from other people about as well!

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