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The Night Sky

The stars guide us at night. On land or out on the oceans, the stars can guide you by showing you which direction is where. We can measure how far we've travelled by them, and some claim to read the future in the skies.
  In the ever-darkening expanse above Corive, stars and comets journey across the sky over the mortals below. A near-vertical band of stars drape themselves from horizon to the near opposite side of the horizon. The three moons dance in a counter-movement as they wax and wane in the celestial clockwork pattern the skies obey.

Year-Round Constants

While there is no single star identified as a northen polar there is a constellation the others rotate around, though the exact shape and name changes across cultures in the northern hemisphere of Corive. Every polar constellation, however, uses the same six stars.   In the southern hemisphere, there is a polar star with a smaller star in proximity, leading to several stories of two individuals who are together in the stars after death. Some describe a pair of lovers, others have a pair of siblings, at least one involve the story of two very fond friends.

Band of Stars

The band of stars carries several names across Corive as it crossed in a near perpendicular band from the horizon to the other side of the horizon. From some angles, the band is less dense in star count.   Stories describe a multitude of potential reasons for why there is a band of stars - the band is where stars are born and travel away from it as time passes, the band is the physical manifestation of a sleeping deity, some deity threw a torch into the night sky for the rare nights when all three moons are shrouded in shadow.



Lunar Path

Some cultures believe constellations where the moons pass through can be indicitive of a person's future, though the constellaitons vary along their meanings. Curiously, regardless of culture of origin, a person's horoscope based on the date of their birth is consistent in the broad overview.   Lunar Signs are the most complex due to the moon phases in relation to each other.

Solar Path

Astrological solar signs are based on the constellations the Sun's path passes through, and are often used with Lunar Birth Signs as personality indicators.
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