Corive Life Forging Banned (Academic Estimate)

Life Forging Banned (Academic Estimate)

Civil action


Life Forging was used to convert the irredeemable criminals of the Adrakian Empire's society into objects of use. The Life Forged would have no memory and be treated as blank slates, no matter who they were before the Forging.

Life Forged golems were valuable sources of labor, military force, or bodyguards.

Swords forged or engraved to house a Life Forged would inherit traits of the former person's self - a mage would grant the sword magical traits that mage had the most mastery over - while also providing an additional voice of advice or espionage.

However, as centuries passed, the Life Forged would remember who they were, shifting the requirements for sentencing.

Eventually the practice would be ended with specific exceptions. One of Athtica, the Unfettered Gear's High Priests would be Forged as her divine punishment when his crimes came to light - the Former High Priest had been using Life Forging as a way to remove his political rivals and anyone he deemed as "a waste to society."

The Former High Priest is still hunted to this day by his victims and was last rumored to be in the World Spine Mountains.

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