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Former High Priest of Athtica

High Priest

When I see that priest's soul crushed under the weight of their crimes, and hear their cries for mercy while none is being given, then, will I consider the words of Athtica to be held true. Until that day, I satisfy my bloodlust well enough by participating in these wars and in watching the modern world fumble at the ruins of the ancients I once was one of.
  Of all figures of Adrakian history, only one is reviled by both the Adrakians and the various rebellious groups who were trying to overthrow the Adrakain Empire. The former High Priest of Athtica is a rare example of someone who crossed Athtica, the Unfettered Gear and angered her.   While they are still hunted down by the Life Forged who walk in the World Spine Mountains the High Priest was last seen at, a few of their victims have laid their grudges aside to make a new life for themselves.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The (voluntarily) Life Forged Priests like the ones of the Last Shrine of Athtica say the former High Priest was Life Forged into an automaton like form modeled after their form in life.

Apparel & Accessories

Supposedly, the High Priest still dresses themself as a High Priest of Athtica and wears the symbols of their deity, despite being removed from their position and stripped of any divine-based abilities.

Specialized Equipment

In many ways, they are their own specialized equipment as a Life Forged.

Current Status
Rumored to still be alive
Current Location
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


Accomplishments & Achievements

The High Priest successfully routed the priesthood of criminals against society and put the criminals' Life Forged selves to use, improving life for the Adrakian people. However, more and more of the criminals they found were also protesters or rivals who tried to fight the High Priest's proposals for widening the scope of "extreme crimes against society."

Failures & Embarrassments

At the end of their mortal life, the High Priest of Athtica was found guilty of zealously sentencing people to be Life Forged in order to improve their own standing. As punishment, Athtica herself was recorded as sentencing her priest to being Life Forged.

The Life Forged who occupy the Last Shrine have indicated the dragon god had issued a decree stating the priest was to be barred sanctuary within any Adrakian shrine or temple. As a result, the former priest had been on the run ever since their memories returned to them.

Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics


Upon the discovery of Life Forging, has been quoted saying the process would be "recycling the souls of those who would otherwise be a waste of society" when applied as a punishment for the more extreme crimes against society.


Everyone has a role. If they can't or won't do the duties of that role, then we should reassign them.


The gods are never wrong, and I was chosen by the Unfettered Gear, so therefore I cannot be wrong.


Many would claim the former High Priest was initially motivated by an honest desire to make life better for Adrakian society, but became blinded over time by ambition and pride.

Religious Views

As a High Priest, they were a devoted follower to Athtica and was the conduit between the dragon god and the mortals of the Empire. Their name had been scratched and carved out of records, so the only ones who can describe them are their victims - many of the Life Forged from the era can blame the High Priest directly.

Social Aptitude

To gain the power and standing they had with the Priesthood of Athtica, they needed more intellectual aptitude than social skills, as the priesthood valued understanding the world around them and ingenuity over political jockeying. However, the High Priest had the social skills to rival several of the Priesthood of Kaygys from how they weaponized the laws and Life Forging to their favor.

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