4RYND3 (a.k.a. Areyndee)

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Wants to find out Lucan's secrets for Secrets, she is an agent of the Shadow Network active in Tormyra.
An Artificer Warforged in Korsma is not the most unusual sight when compared to the magical debates from within the University of Tormyra.
"You see a tall, thin, warforged who seems to be made mostly with metal. In place of hair, she has grey-green ribbons weighted down by stones. She's standing next to a mage you, Echedir, recognize as a former classmate from one of your several classes, and it looks as if the mage had opened a bookstore since you had graduated to an apprenticeship."

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Physical Description

Body Features

As a Warforged, she was made from metals and wood, looking like a stylized wood and metal statue when she stands still.

Facial Features

Areyndee's facial features are face-like in the sense of a mask a Forged Smith forged into something some of the Nomadic Elves have described as a Death Mask.
The Death Mask resemblance has led to speculation Areyndee was forged by a Tormian Forge Smith.

Apparel & Accessories

She has begun collecting ribbons and enjoys wrapping them around her exterior and weighing them with stones, often varieties of quartz.
"No one ever said a weapon crafted for war cannot become pretty. Many of your kind hang weapons on the walls in your homes and museums. I and those like me may as well decorate ourselves for the same reason. To say it is a time of peace."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

"I was one of the mass-produced Warforged, just before the Great Awakening. I prefer not to remember much of the war, as it was my first memories."

Gender Identity

She/Her, based on her voice and her preferred pronouns.


A student of the University of Tormyra, Areyndee is studying Artificer magic involving ranged explosives and their uses.
She has several ribbons attached to the top of her head, gray-green in color with white embroidery, weighted down by green quartz-stones.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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