Death Mask

While the Forest Elves are the ones who wear masks the most out of all the elves of Tormyra, the Nomadic Elves forge a Death Mask for their dead before cremation.
The death mask is place on the wall of the deceased's closest friend or family member's home for a year and three days before being taken to the deceased's family [cairn?].
In the case of estranged family, the deceased would be posthumously adopted into the family of their closest friend to be buried with their friend's family, or among their friends if there is no family burial location.


Death Masks are forged, carved, or molded, to appear like the face of the recently dead.   [Lyraine note here - draw an example of a Death Mask looking like a face without features such as eyes, eye brows, nostrils, or ears.]

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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