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The sirens of Diamond Lake have discovered an interesting power source found naturally within the lake.  

A Lake Full of Glow Crystals

Diamond Lake is called such for the glittering show it puts on at night. Thousands of naturally forming crystals embedded in the bank of the lake glow both in the dark and in the day. The crystals light up the siren settlement of Verity. The intensity of these glow crystals fluctuates over the course of a season, and each crystal is different from the next. For many years it was believed that the amount of light displayed from a crystal was entirely at random, and the sirens merely appreciated them from a distance.   

The Tides

One clever skee siren, Tif Ferthi, began noting the patterns of these crystals and realized that they weren't random at all. Each crystal had its own consistent pattern, and Ferthi made it his mission to discover why.    Through painstaking study, Ferthi discovered that the intensity of a glow crystal was directly influenced by the tides and wave formations of Diamond Lake, which were in turn impacted by the the five moons. Ferthi also discovered that he could link the crystals to each other with threads of the water silkworm and create a system of lights that never dimmed by placing them around his home strategically.   Ferthi went on to create an entire system of lights throughout Verity. This light system allows for the sirens of Verity to ward off lake predators and to light up cave systems and shelters that would otherwise be uninhabitable. The skee sirens are especially delighted by these lights, which allow them to work on projects around the clock, whenever inspiration strikes.
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Other Hypotheses

Because the moons appear to have such a consistent impact on the tides, some sirens have begun to wonder what other uses it may have and if there are other plants or materials that are effected by it. One group of sirens is experimenting with pressured waterways that flow with the tides. These waterways would allow for quick and easy swimming around the lake and city, and adjusting them to change with the tides would make them even quicker.

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Cover image: by Meritt Thomas


Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Describe a material in your world that is used as a source of fuel or power.

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3 Aug, 2020 11:31

Wow, this sounds so beautiful! I love that the skee sirens are just happy they can work on their projects at all hours of the day and night.

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This sounds stunning! I would love to visit the Diamond Lake and see that for myself.

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