Red Ontologite

Red ontologite is one of the eight forms of ontologite that can be created from the reactant sulpher, or found throughout the world.

A blast like none other

Red is a form of ontologite that has the appearance of red crystals which feel warm to the touch. While still considered uncommon and selling for large sums of silver, this is the most readily available form of these metamaterials. Its commonly used as a sort of fuel for automated vehicles, weapons, explosives, and electrokinesis restoratives. It can be used in this way due to the material's metaphysical qualities.
  1. Any electrical current put into red ontologite is amplified to the extreme.
  2. When Broken, red releases a compression wave of pure kinetic force.
  3. If the material is placed at the end of an open circuit, the amplified electricity will arch out to nearby electrically conductive surfaces or objects.
  4. In a closed circuit, the material generates a gravitational field. This does not change its amplified output.
  5. When a shaped piece of metal called a 'focus' is attached to a closed-circuit containing Red, gravitational force can be directed towards, away, into, or onto an object or surface. The shape of the focus changes how the gravity is directed.
The final effect listed is often utilized to create impossible physics-defying displays. Creating tools such as gauntlets or scepter focuses that grant limited telekinesis to the user, or to reshape the ground itself. A common design would be a Breach Pick, which uses a single spike of metal to direct gravity into surfaces to create openings instantly.   Something that can't be ignored is red's use as a form of fuel. Almost all automated vehicles utilize electric engines to provide locomotion, which are powered by electrokinesis. This can be exhausting, so the solution is to use electrokinesis to power a supply of Red Ontologite, which in turn powers the engine with its amplified output.


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